ARK Survival Ascended fog command

Image source: Studio Wildcard

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ARK Survival Ascended revamps Evolved’s The Island map in Unreal Engine 5, but as beautiful as it is the new tech can put a strain on your hardware. Thankfully, tweaking your settings can help you deal with this issue effectively. In this guide, we will discuss how to disable clouds and fog effects, explaining the ARK Survival Ascended fog command and cloud command.

How to Turn Off Fog & Clouds in ARK Survival Ascended

One of the big culprits behind Ascended’s sometimes shaky performance is the game’s advanced cloud and fog effects, which demand significant processing power and memory.

Fine-tuning performance is a bit tricky, as there are no direct options for turning off clouds and fog in the game’s video settings. This is where console commands come in. Console commands are a powerful tool that enables players to modify game settings beyond the standard graphical interface.

To disable fog to further improve performance, go to the console and enter this command:

  • r.VolumetricFog0

This command will remove the fog effects from the gameplay, helping you gain back some more frames.

You can also disable the clouds. To do this, navigate to the game’s console by pressing the “~” key. In the console, enter the following command:

  • r.VolumetricCloud0

This command essentially wipes out all the clouds from the sky, thus providing a notable boost in your game’s performance.

Reactivating Fog & Clouds

If you decide you miss the clouds or fog, or if you want to switch back to a more visually stunning experience, you can easily re-enable these effects using the console commands but replacing “0” with “1” in the command.

While turning off clouds and fog does result in a more streamlined game performance, it also alters the game’s visual appeal. Without the clouds, the sky may appear quite plain. Similarly, without the fog, the landscapes might lose some depth. However, many players find that the game still looks pretty good, even without these features.

The choice between performance and aesthetics ultimately depends on individual preference and the capabilities of your gaming device. If your system struggles to maintain a decent frame rate, disabling clouds and fog might be a smart move. But if you have a high-end system and prefer a visually immersive experience, you might choose to keep these effects enabled.