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The Rogue class relies on sneak attacks, agile movements, mastery of daggers, and shadow defense. However, the Rogue is particularly renowned for their exceptional archery skills. If you’re interested in harnessing those skills, then creating a Penetrating Shot Build is your path. The core skill of this build is Penetrating Shot, which inflicts damage to all enemies in a straight line. But with the addition of the Trickshot Aspect, you can enhance its capabilities by firing three arrows simultaneously. Here’s a guide on how to obtain the Trickshot Aspect in Diablo 4.

Trickshot Aspect Location in Diablo 4

trickshot aspect in diablo 4

The Trickshot Aspect is a legendary offensive-type aspect exclusive to the Rogue class. It can be applied to 1H and 2H Weapons, Gloves, Rings, and Amulets. When utilizing the Trickshot Aspect, two additional arrows split off to each side whenever Penetrating Shot damages an enemy.

These side arrows deal 10-25% of Penetrating Shot’s base damage and do not split further. Despite their seemingly low damage, they can grant you up to 50% additional overall damage. Considering the frequent usage of the Penetrating Shot skill, the Trickshot Aspect is an invaluable addition to any Penetrating Shot Rogue Build.

Fortunately, there are two ways to obtain the Trickshot Aspect in Diablo 4:

  1. Unlocking through the Codex of Power: The most reliable method involves unlocking this aspect permanently in your Codex of Power. To accomplish this, journey to the Hawezar region and make your way to the Umir Plateau. Fast travel to Zarbinzet Waypoint, and from there, head north. Once you reach the northern border of the Umir Plateau, you’ll discover the entrance to the Bastion of Faith dungeon. Completing this challenge will automatically unlock the Trickshot Aspect in your Codex of Power. Afterward, you can imprint this aspect on your items limitlessly.
  2. Extraction with the Occultist: The second method relies on luck and is available earlier in the game without requiring specific preparations. Simply locate a legendary item that possesses the Trickshot Aspect and approach the Occultist. For a small fee, this NPC will extract the Trickshot Aspect from the legendary item and imprint it onto your chosen equipment. It’s important to note that the item originally containing the aspect will be destroyed during the extraction process.

Here’s a brief list of activities that can reward you with legendary items containing the Trickshot Aspect:

  • Trading with the Purveyor of Curiosities
  • Participating in all events
  • Engaging in PVP battles
  • Exploring dungeons
  • Battling world bosses


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That does it for how to obtain the Trickshot Aspect in Diablo 4. For more useful content on the game, search We Game Daily.