final fantasy 16 pc release date

Image source: Square Enix

Bigger than we thought.

Preparations for the highly anticipated release of Square Enix’s next game are in full swing, as pre-loading for the game is set to commence on June 20. But how big is the game for those who need to make room on their HDD? Here’s what we know about the Final Fantasy 16 install size.

Final Fantasy 16 Install Size Explained

According to PlayStation Game Size, a trusted account known for extracting data from Sony’s servers, the game will weigh in at a substantial 90.18GB. This notable size, excluding the previously announced 300MB day one patch, offers insight into the scale and depth of the upcoming adventure.

Such a significant file size has likely contributed to Square Enix’s initial plan to release the game on two physical discs. However, with this recent confirmation, players can now start making necessary arrangements to accommodate this space-consuming title on their SSDs. The choice of acquiring the game physically, digitally, or abstaining altogether is a matter for individual preference.

Remember, if you’ve played the recently launched Final Fantasy 16 demo then you can actually transfer your progress.


Is Final Fantasy 16 Coming to PC? Answered

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