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A gruesome vocation.

Want to know the best Corpse Explosion Necromancer build in Diablo 4? Necromancers wield potent spells that grant them the ability to summon minions or unleash deadly Bone Spears. Certain Necromancer builds center around these spells, and summoning a Golem adds an extra element. If you’re uncertain where to begin, mastering the use of Corpse Explosion is an excellent starting point. Let’s dive in.

First, for those not in the know, by appropriately configuring Corpse Explosion and complementing it with suitable skills, you can create an early game build that rapidly propels you to Level 50. If this approach doesn’t yield satisfactory results, don’t worry—you can always reset and explore alternative strategies.

Essential Skills for the Corpse Explosion Necromancer Build

Here are the essential skills for the build and the recommended levels at which you should acquire them:

LevelSkill Name
2Decompose Level 1
3Enhanced Decompose
4Acolyte’s Decompose
5Blight Level 1
6Enhanced Blight
7Paranormal Blight
8Corpse Explosion Level 1
9Enhanced Corpse Explosion
10Blighted Corpse Explosion
11Hewed Flesh Level 1
12Hewed Flesh Level 2
13Hewed Flesh Level 3
14Corpse Explosion Level 2
15Corpse Explosion Level 3
16Corpse Explosion Level 4
17Corpse Explosion Level 5
18Grim Harvest Level 1
19Grim Harvest Level 2
20Grim Harvest Level 3
21Fueled By Death Level 1
22Fueled By Death Level 2
23Fueled By Death Level 3
24Corpse Tendrils Level 1
25Enhanced Corpse Tendrils
26Plagued Corpse Tendrils
27Army of the Dead
28Prime Army of the Dead
29Supreme Army of the Dead
30Corpse Tendrils Level 2
31Corpse Tendrils Level 3
32Corpse Tendrils Level 4
33Corpse Tendrils Level 5
34Skeletal Mage Mastery Level 1
35Skeletal Mage Mastery Level 2
36Skeletal Mage Mastery Level 3
38Bonded in Essence Level 1
39Bonded in Essence Level 2
40Bonded in Essence Level 3
41Reaper’s Pursuit Level 1
42Reaper’s Pursuit Level 2
43Reaper’s Pursuit Level 3
44Crippling Darkness Level 1
45Crippling Darkness Level 2
46Crippling Darkness Level 3
47Gloom Level 1
48Gloom Level 2
49Gloom Level 3

The primary concept of this build revolves around using spells like Bone Spear to generate corpses and employing Corpse Explosion to deal damage to multiple enemies. By repeating this cycle, you can eliminate foes one after another until none remain standing. To sustain your Essence, utilize passive abilities such as Grim Harvest and supplement it with the Recompose active skill. This ensures a continuous application of the Bone Spear and Corpse Explosion combination, allowing you to dispatch hordes of enemies.

In situations where you find yourself surrounded by numerous foes, rely on your minions, particularly the Golem, to draw their attention. Let your minions engage enemies like Elites or bosses while you execute your Bone Spear and Corpse Explosion strategy. This approach ensures your safety while preventing the enemy from diverting their focus away from you.

Best Aspects For The Corpse Explosion Necromancer Build

Aspects for the Corpse Explosion Necromancer Build:

  • Flesh-Rending Aspect
  • Aspect of Torment
  • Splintering Aspect
  • Aspect of Explosive Mist
  • Blood-Soaked Aspect

While the Necromancer Corpse Explosion build proves effective for the initial 50 levels, it’s advisable to explore other builds as you grow stronger. With access to a wider range of skills, it’s essential not to restrict yourself to the same strategies. Evaluate the skills available to you and plan your next steps accordingly. By doing so, you can create the optimal Corpse Explosion Necromancer build in Diablo 4 that aligns with your preferred playstyle.


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