get the grappling gun in palworld

Image source: Pocket Pair, Inc via We Game Daily

Zipping around and around.

Every game should have a grappling gun. There, I said it! Thankfully, Palworld is already one of them, and I’m loving zipping about the open-world now it’s unlocked. Here’s a guide on the process so you can join the fun.

How to Craft a Grappling Gun

Before you can start crafting your Grappling Gun, you need to unlock its recipe. It’s available from the Technology tab under the purple Ancient Technology section. You’ll need some Ancient Technology points available to spend to create one. In case you’re not up to speed, these are awarded after defeating Syndicate bosses stationed at towers across Palworld.

Once you’ve got some, make sure you’re level 12. You need to be at least this level to unlock the Grappling Gun recipe. Once you’ve achieved this, you’re free to construct your Grappling Gun at any standard workbench.

Now that you’ve unlocked the recipe, it’s time to gather the necessary components. Here’s what you’ll require:

  • Paladium Fragment – x10
  • Ingot – x10
  • Fiber – x30
  • Ancient Civilization Parts – x1

You can check out our list of resources in Palworld and how to get them, as well as our interactive map page for details on where to find these.

Put simply, Paldium Fragments can be found in waterways or grassy fields. Ingots can be crafted from Ore using a Primitive Furnace. Fiber can be produced by placing Wood inside a Crusher. Lastly, get Ancient Civilization Parts by beating Alpha Pals.

How to Use the Grappling Gun

The Grappling Gun can be easily equipped within one of your four hand slots found in the inventory menu. Once equipped, point it towards your desired location, and you’ll swiftly be transported there.

Though the Grappling Gun is a reliable tool, it works best when paired with a Parachute. This way, should you fall post-Grappling Gun usage, your Parachute will help you avoid any fall damage.

Bear in mind that the standard Grappling Gun has a cooldown of 10 seconds and a limited travel distance. For those seeking more advanced features, you can upgrade to a better Grappling Gun model. However, these upgrades require you to reach higher player levels and already possess the previous Grappling Gun model.

Here are the various Grappling Gun versions available in Palworld:

  • Grappling Gun: Requires level 12 to unlock.
  • Mega Grappling Gun: Requires level 17 to unlock.
  • Giga Grappling Gun: Requires level 32 to unlock.
  • Hyper Grappling Gun: Requires level 47 to unlock.

So there you have it, enjoy zipping about Palworld with your trusty new Grappling Gun. If you want to go even faster, get yourself a flying mount.