all legendary pals in palworld

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Complete your Paldex.

Legendary Pals are the most powerful creatures in the game, each boasting unique abilities and attributes. Each Legendary Pal possesses a unique Legend-level passive skill that boosts their Attack and Defense by 20% and Movement Speed by 15%. Here we’ll be breaking down all Legendary Pals in Palworld – Jetragon, Frostallion, Necromus, and Paladius, their locations — which you can use our interactive map page to find.

All Legendary Pals in Palworld & How to Catch Them


The Jetragon is a Dragon-type Pal with the ability to soar through the skies. It’s one we’ve listed as the fastest mount in the game, in fact.

This Legendary Pal is found in the western region of the game’s map, primarily near the volcanic areas. The location is identifiable by the coordinates -792, -319.

Jetragon’s impressive flying ability makes it a valuable addition to your Pal roster, especially for navigating the expansive map. Its dragon-type status renders it weak against Ice-type attacks.


The Frostallion, an Ice-type Pal, is another flying mount that you can ride. This Legendary Pal resides in the eastern part of the map, specifically near the Land of Absolute Zero fast travel point. The exact coordinates are -351, 516.

Despite its frosty appearance, Frostallion is a highly desirable Legendary Pal due to its flying ability and its Ice Element.


Necromus is a Dark-type Pal found in the desert region of the game. You can locate it by navigating to the Deep Sand Dunes fast travel point and heading northwest to coordinates 451, 680. Unlike the previous two Pals, Necromus does not possess the ability to fly. However, it can double jump, making it a dynamic addition to your team.

Necromus’ Dark Element makes it susceptible to Dragon Element attacks, so if you’ve got a Jetragon by the time you’re taking one on then bring it along.


The final Legendary Pal, Paladius, is a Neutral-type creature found in the same desert region as Necromus. Like its dark counterpart, Paladius cannot fly but is capable of a double jump. Its Neutral Element makes it a versatile fighter, effective against all types of opponents, including human adversaries in multiplayer mode.

That wraps up our guide on Legendary Pals in Palworld is no easy feat. Catching them all isn’t something you’ll be doing until the late game, so the best bet is to chip away at filling your Paldex slowly.