how to get schrift in type soul

Image source: Roblox Corp.

Unlocking your inner Schrift.

What’s up, warriors? Now the game has its awesome new update, we’ve noticed a ton of you scratching wondering how to get Shrift in Type Soul. Here we’ll give you a step-by-step.

Unlocking Your Schrift in Type Soul

First thing’s first, make sure you’re Grade 2. If you haven’t read our dedicated article then we have the breakdown on how to quickly level up. From there, it’s time to head to the top of the castle and speak with an NPC named Balance.

To find him, go across the bridge until you hit the massive statue decked out with wings and swords. He’ll then give you the quest to get Schrift. There’s a list of requirements that he’ll give you.

Schrift Requirements

  • 5 Minnows (NPCs or players)
  • 1 Adjuchas (Yeah, they dialed it down to just one since the update)
  • 5 Shinigami players
  • 5 Arrancar players
  • 15 Fishbone Ds (The number’s been tweaked but aim high)

Keep in mind that if you die mid-quest, yep, you’ll have to start over. For Arrancar players, avoid Karakura Town since it’s a hotspot for ambushes. Instead, head to Hueco Mundo for easier targets.

Also, if you’re unsure about your progress, head back to the Statue to check. If you’ve completed tasks, only the remaining ones will show up in your interactions, which should help you focus on what’s left.

Finally, two top tips if you’re struggling to tick these off is to play with friends. It’s makes it much faster and easier. Alternatively, you can actually cheese these requirements by creating an alt and farm those kills yourself.

Final Steps

After you’ve ticked off that list, strut back to our statue friend. A quick chat and—if all’s done right—you’ll get Schrift. Oh, and for those of you twitchy about rerolls wiping your progress, fear not. Reroll to your heart’s content; your Schrift isn’t going anywhere.

So, there you have it—a short and simple guide to unlocking Schrift in Type Soul. If you need more help then check out our monthly codes list.