best arrancar in type soul

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Best of the bunch.

Type Soul is back with a massive bang for April 2024 thanks to a huge update. If you’re returning to the game or getting started for the first time, we’re going to break down the best Arrancar in Type Soul with a tier list that explains our reasons for each. Without further ado, here are the resurrections you need to know about!

Best Arrancars in Type Soul

S-Tier Arrancars

  • Vamp: This Arrancar is a no-brainer for the S-tier. The Echo move alone, which is a scream causing a status effect, allows you to bite and steal life from your opponents. Combine it with its incredible synergy with Zunda, and you’ve got an Arrancar that’s hard to beat.
  • Shark: Shark earns its spot in S-tier not just for its utility but for its unique abilities that include creating a water puddle to trap enemies and slow them down. It’s especially notable for its third jump attack which deals significant damage and ragdolls opponents.

A-Tier Arrancars

  • Bone: With its stun effects and the unique AOE bone move, Bone stands out as an excellent choice for crowd control and dealing posture damage. It’s a guaranteed hit in 1v1s, making it a solid A-tier choice.
  • Slash: Despite some debate, Slash secures its place in A-tier thanks to its unrivaled grab that goes through blocks and its comprehensive combo potential. Its moves are block-breaking monsters, with the Z move alone hitting three times with range.
  • Panta: This Arrancar shines in 1v1 scenarios, thanks to its dashing abilities and the stun it can inflict on opponents. While it may not be the best in group fights, its utility in single combat is undeniable.
  • Stark: While Stark might not make it to S-tier due to its moves being blockable, it still offers a range of useful abilities. Its spammy nature and the potential for high damage output earn it a spot in A-tier.

B-Tier Arrancars

  • Poison/Acid: The poison damage from this Res is impressive, but it’s limited by its short proc duration and somewhat predictable attacks. It’s great for 1v1 or being outnumbered but falls short compared to top-tier choices.
  • Shock: This Arrancar has potential, with auto-target moves and a speed boost, but its effectiveness heavily relies on player skill. It’s placed in B-tier because it’s good but not universally easy to use.

C-Tier Arrancars

  • Arante: While it applies a debilitating status effect, the overall damage output and utility of Arante’s moves don’t quite stack up against the competition, making it a C-tier contender.

F-Tier Arrancars

  • Phoenix: Despite its ability to steal Rei, Phoenix falls flat in terms of overall utility and damage, earning it a spot in F-tier. Even with a rework, it struggles to compete with more effective Resurrections.
  • Volcanica: As a 3% rarity, Volcanica disappoints with its lackluster performance. It may do burn damage, but it lacks the impact and utility of higher-tier Arrancars, making it one of the least favorable picks.

So there you have it. Our tier list showcases the best Arrancars in Type Soul as of April 2024. We’ve also done the same for clans if you’re interested. Anything, hopefully, it helps you out, but if you need something extra then make sure you check out our codes article.