how to rank up grades in type soul

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Navigating the ranks in Type Soul requires a keen understanding of your chosen class’s progression system, strategic engagement in activities, and leveraging unique abilities and missions tailored to Shinigami, Hollow, or Quincy. Here’s a deeper dive into what you can expect and how you can rank up grades fast in Type Soul.

Ranking Up Grades in Type Soul Quickly


As a Shinigami, your journey begins in the spiritual realm of the Soul Society, where you must first locate a mission board to start your ascent. You’ll rank up grades via missions, which guide you from the initial ranks to Grade 3. That involves joining a division.

Each division hosts unique quests and challenges, essential for gathering Division EXP. As you advance, you’ll need to get Shikai. Achieving Grade 2 marks a pivotal moment where meditation and combat intertwine, leading you to confront and conquer your Shikai. This victory not only gives you new swords and abilities but higher echelons.

From Semi-Grade 1 onward, your focus diversifies to amassing Shikai, Raid, Grip, Mission, and Division EXP, each contributing to your quest for the Elite Grade.


  • Engage in division quests upon reaching Grade 3, choosing a division that aligns with your gameplay style.
  • Confront your Shikai through meditation at Grade 2, unlocking new abilities and swords.
  • Beyond Semi-Grade 1, balance your efforts across various activities to gather the necessary EXP for Elite Grade.


Hollow introduces you to a survivalist’s game, where you’re tested against your own kind in Hueco Mundo. Initially confined to Katakura Town, using the Garganta ability to traverse to Hueco Mundo is your first task. The essence of being a Hollow lies in the hunt; finding and consuming other Hollows increases your power and determines your evolution.

From the basic Hollow form, you’ll transcend into Menos, Adjuchas, and finally, Vastolorde. Each transformation gains XP and reduces the need for active consumption.

The choice to become an Arrancar by shedding your mask marks a new chapter. After that, you’ll advance via missions.


  • Use the Garganta special ability to move from Katakura Town to Hueco Mundo, the Hollow’s battleground.
  • The journey from Hollow to Menos, Adjuchas, and Vastolorde is marked by consuming other Hollows, with each stage offering unique advantages.
  • Becoming an Arrancar introduces missions into your progression, important for attaining higher grades.


Quincy players wield the dual nature of sword and bow, mastering the art of ranged combat. Your progression is mission-centric, mirroring the Shinigami’s path but with a distinct Quincy flair. From the outset, missions are your gateway to ascending through the ranks, a process streamlined all the way to Semi-Grade 1.

The acquisition of your Shrift at Grade 2 is a notable milestone, augmenting your capabilities and defining your role in battles. Leveraging the Flash Step ability enhances your mobility, allowing for strategic positioning and evasive maneuvers. As you navigate through the ranks, the transition from melee to ranged combat by toggling between sword and bow exemplifies the Quincy’s versatility.

This class’s journey is characterized by a delicate balance between precision, agility, and power, culminating in the quest for your unique Shrift and the mastery of Quincy abilities.


  • Missions are the cornerstone of Quincy progression, with a straightforward path from Grade 5 to Semi-Grade 1.
  • The Flash Step ability is crucial for mobility, enabling Quincys to engage effectively in both close and ranged combat.
  • Obtaining your Shrift at Grade 2 significantly enhances your combat effectiveness, marking a key progression milestone.

So there you have it. Whether you choose the path of the Shinigami, Hollow, or the precise aim of the Quincy, you should be able to rank up grades fast in Type Soul with this guide. If you need more help then check out our codes guide.