best quincy weapons in type soul

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Master Quincy.

Yo, Quincy mains and aspiring spirit warriors! If you’re diving into the new and updated Roblox Type Soul, knowing your arsenal is key to dominating both Soul Reapers and Arrancars. As a Quincy main myself, I’ve had my fair share of battles, and let me tell you, not all Spirit Weapons are created equal. Here’s my personal take on the best Quincy weapons in Type Soul, spiced up with some gameplay tactics and opinions on what makes these weapons stand out… or fall flat.

Type Soul Quincy Weapons: Tier List

Choosing the right Quincy weapon can be a game-changer, and after some intense gameplay, here’s how I rank them from my own experience:


  • Unnamed Sword/Rapier Hybrid: This weapon, though its name escapes me, is an absolute monster. Its critical slows enemies down to a crawl, setting them up for devastating combos. Pair it with Fast Fang for a finisher that’s as stylish as it is lethal. It’s not just a weapon; it’s a combo enabler, making it the only S-tier in my book.


  • Glock: The Glock is great for Quincy players who love to annoy their opponents from a safe distance. However, it’s not unbeatable and lands in the A-tier because, let’s face it, getting close and personal with this weapon can be a challenge.
  • Cutlass: Once considered the pinnacle of Quincy weaponry, the Cutlass has seen better days. It’s still a solid choice, especially for speed builds, but it’s overshadowed by weapons with projectile critical attacks. If you’re starting out or sticking to lower levels, the Cutlass won’t steer you wrong, but keep an eye out for upgrades.


  • Original Quincy Claw: A step up from the Warden, this weapon shines with its midair combo extensions. It might not be the flashiest tool in the shed, but when it comes to keeping your opponent airborne and helpless, it does the trick. A solid B-tier for its utility in the right hands.


  • Warden: This Hakuda weapon, with its intriguing chain pull mechanic, sounds cool on paper but often falls short in execution. It’s a bit hit or miss, and since I’m not much of a Hakuda user myself, I’ve found it lacking compared to others. It’s in the C-tier, mostly because it doesn’t consistently deliver on its promise.
  • Antithesis (Greatsword): Oh, the Antithesis. Where do I start? This weapon is more likely to make you miss your crits than land them, thanks to its awkward dash. It’s clunky, it’s cumbersome, and frankly, it’s a pain to use. An F-tier weapon in my heart, but let’s be generous and call it C-tier for effort. Just go for a reroll.

Every Quincy in Roblox Type Soul has their style, and you can definitely make lower-tier weapons work. At the end of the day, it’s not just about the weapon but how you use it. If you’re looking for more help then check out our codes article.