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Essential ingredient.

In Starfield, resources are often your lifeline for crafting, building, and trading. While materials like Adhesive are obviously useful, there are others that may seem less so. That includes Potatoes. These humble spuds have limited uses, but they come into play notably during the “Escape From the Endless Voyage” quest.

Where to Find Potatoes

In Starfield, Potatoes are not a resource you’ll stumble upon while exploring planets or outposts. Instead, you’ll need to purchase them from vendors in the AID section of the game. The cost of Potatoes is quite modest, typically ranging from 29 to 35 Credits. So, feel free to stock up on this peculiar vegetable from any seller offering it.

One convenient location to find Potatoes is Shepherd’s Store in Akila City. However, keep in mind that for the “Escape From the Endless Voyage” quest, you’ll need a substantial quantity—50 Potatoes, to be exact. This quantity may not be readily available from a single vendor. To overcome this, purchase all the Potatoes you can, then find a nearby chair and skip ahead 24-48 in-game hours. The store’s inventory will refresh, allowing you to purchase more Potatoes and reach your required quantity.

Can You Farm Potatoes at Outposts?

Unfortunately, you cannot farm Potatoes at outposts in Starfield. In the game, you can only grow crops in the Greenhouse that are native to the planet you’re on. Since Potatoes do not naturally grow on any planet, you won’t have the option to cultivate them at your outposts.

How to Use Potatoes

While Potatoes may not be a staple resource, they serve a crucial role during the “Escape From the Endless Voyage” quest, where you’ll need to spend 50 Potatoes to advance. Completing this quest will earn you the gratitude of Janet Yang and progress the story.

Beyond this specific quest, Potatoes don’t have many practical uses in the game. You can consume them for a minor HP boost or even cook up a Shepherd’s Pie for a satisfying meal. However, there are plenty of other food options in Starfield that offer more substantial benefits, making Potatoes a somewhat niche choice.

As a twist, Potatoes in Starfield contain an Easter egg that fans of classic literature and film may appreciate. Their description mirrors the iconic words of Samwise to Gollum during their journey in a beloved fantasy story. While this tidbit won’t directly impact your gameplay, it’s a fun fact to share with fellow players and adds a touch of charm to your interstellar adventures.


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So, whether you’re seeking Potatoes for a specific quest or simply want to add some quirky flavor to your gameplay, you now know where to find and how to use these unassuming spuds in Starfield. May your journey through the stars be filled with discovery and delight. Starfield is available on Xbox Series X|S and PC, inviting you to explore its vast and captivating universe.