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In Starfield, farming resources are a part of the gameplay loop. Among the many materials essential for trade, weaponry, and outpost upgrades, Adhesive stands as a pivotal resource. There are a few ways you can go about farming it. In this guide, we’ll run through every method of how to get Adhesive in Starfield.

Getting Adhesive in Starfield

getting adhesive in Starfield

1. Purchase from Vendors

For those in need of small quantities, the straightforward path is buying it from vendors stationed in major cities. Notably, vendors like Amoli Bava in Jemison Mercantile, located in New Atlantis, are consistent suppliers, offering approximately 10 units of Adhesive for 11 Credits each. Patience can also serve as a virtue, as vendors tend to restock their inventory every 24 hours.

2. Scavenge from Random Sources

A quick but less predictable approach involves scouring the galaxy for loot in various forms, including containers, corpses, and other assorted sources. Due to its affordability, Adhesive can often be found amidst the loot from these random sources. However, this method relies solely on chance and should be regarded as a supplementary means of procurement.

3. Harvest from Plants

Be sure to scan all encountered plant life. Certain plants, such as the Sweetwater Cacti, possess Adhesive-producing components. Extracting Adhesive Roots from such flora can prove advantageous. Yet, it is worth emphasizing that multiple plant species yield the resource, making it essential to scan all planetary flora. This practice may not always yield results but can lead to the accumulation of valuable Survey Data and Credits.

4. Establish a Farm

The most efficient method for accumulating substantial quantities involves establishing your own Adhesive farm. The process involves creating an outpost on a suitable planet featuring Adhesive-producing vegetation like Sweetwater Cacti. Gagarin Planet in the Alpha Centauri system, for instance, serves as an ideal choice.

To facilitate the farm’s operation, it is necessary to attain a minimal level of Botany skill. This not only streamlines the scanning process for Adhesive-rich plants but also unlocks the Greenhouse Outpost Module.

Construction of the outpost should encompass essential structures, including Solar Panels and Containers. Following this, install a Greenhouse and transplant the requisite plants to cultivate Adhesive.

What Is Adhesive Used For?

Adhesive serves primarily as a crucial component in the crafting of weapon upgrades. This substance finds its place in a variety of weapon upgrade recipes, offering players a glimpse into the extensive array of crafting materials that enrich the game’s crafting system.

When seeking to acquire Adhesive through purchase, it is important to note that it typically commands a price of 11 credits. Keep in mind the prices fluctuate.

Accumulating a surplus of Adhesive is highly advisable, given its integral role in crafting. The quantity required for recipes and weapon upgrades can vary, typically falling within the range of 4 to 10 units. Given the frequency with which this material is demanded, following the recommended farming techniques outlined above becomes a prudent course of action.


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