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Easy choice.

During the Freestar Collective’s “On the Run” quest, you’ll confront one of the main organizers, Marco Graziani, who’s deeply entrenched in the criminal world. The choices you make when encountering him on the planet Codos will have consequences for this particular story arc. Here we’ll walk you through both options and share whether we think you should bribe or kill Marco Graziani in Starfield.

Should You Bribe or Kill Marco Graziani in Starfield? Answered

Marco Graziani in Starfield

When you meet Marco Graziani in his Fortuna lair, he’ll mistake you for a potential hire and offer you a job. You’ll have the following choices:

Bribe Marco Graziani

If you choose this path, you’ll receive 2500 Credits and unrestricted access to the area. However, this choice supports the criminal enterprise and might conflict with your moral values.

Note: If Sarah Morgan is part of your team, she won’t appreciate this decision. However, you’ll receive an Encrypted Slate as a reward. To decrypt it, contact Alex Shadid, the Freestar Collective’s cryptology expert.

Kill Marco Graziani

The alternative, more aggressive option is to eliminate Marco Graziani, a choice that Sarah Morgan will approve of. This action weakens the criminal gang and hinders its business expansion. Here’s how to proceed:

  1. Provoke a fight with Marco Graziani, prompting him to call for guards.
  2. Eliminate Marco as swiftly as possible and deal with the guards and ceiling turrets.

Note: This battle can be challenging due to numerous powerful turrets. However, defeating all enemies grants substantial experience points.

  1. Use Marco’s Keycard to access his office.
  2. In his office, you’ll find valuable loot, including:
    • Ammo
    • Beowulf Rifle
    • Calibrated Deepcore Space Helmet
    • Copper
    • Credits
    • Disassembler Shotty
    • Europium
    • Fragmentation Mine
    • Modified Magshot Pistol
    • Sealant
    • Shrapnel Grenade
    • Toxic Gas Mine

Bonus: Marco’s Keycard can unlock other locations with valuable loot.

What Rewards Do You Get For Bribe vs. Kill?

In our assessment, the best choice is to kill Marco Graziani. This action frees you from his influence and earns the approval of your allies. Killing him not only stops the criminals but also provides access to significant resources. The 2500 credits offered as a bribe pale in comparison to the potential gains from looting the facility.


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Ultimately, the decision rests with you. Weigh the consequences carefully before choosing whether to accept Marco Graziani’s bribe or eliminate him in Starfield.