Starfield lubricant

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Time to lube up.

In Starfield, crafting and building are the fundamental mechanics that drive your journey forward. Whether you’re constructing ships, establishing outposts, or fashioning new equipment and weaponry, you’ll find yourself in constant need of various materials. Among these essential components, Lubricant stands out as crucial. Here we’ll explain how to get Lubricant in Starfield.

Getting Lubricant in Starfield Explained

You have three primary avenues to obtain Lubricant in Starfield:

  1. Purchase from Merchants in Big Cities: The simplest way, especially for newcomers, is to buy Lubricant from merchants in major cities. These NPCs offer this vital material in exchange for Credits. One such recommended vendor is Tseng, located on the planet Jemison within the Alpha Centauri System. To find him, visit the UC Distribution Center opposite Outland and acquire Lubricant for just 17 Credits each. If you require more, simply wait for 24-48 hours while sitting on the nearest chair, and Tseng’s inventory will refresh, allowing you to purchase additional supplies. Tseng is not the only vendor; you can also find Lubricant on the following planets:
    • Cydonia – Mars (Sol System)
    • Trade Authority – Neon (Volii Alpha planet in Volii Alpha System)
    • Trade Authority – Akila City (Akila planet in the Cheyenne System)
  2. Harvest from Flora on Different Planets: For those looking to conserve their Credits, Lubricant can be gathered from the diverse plant life found on various planets. To collect Lubricant from plants, employ a scanner to analyze them, ensuring you reach at least a 25% analysis completion.
  3. Random Drops: Luck may also favor you in your quest for Lubricant. You might come across this resource as a random drop while exploring abandoned locations on planets, inspecting the remains of vanquished foes, or even engaging in confrontations with other players’ ships. Due to its relatively common occurrence, Lubricant should regularly appear in your inventory.

In Starfield, Lubricant is an important resource for your item crafting and building endeavors. Whether you choose to purchase it from merchants, extract it from the wild flora, or stumble upon it unexpectedly, there are a bunch of ways you can get your hands on it.

Lubricant is used as an essential ingredient in crafting, including the creation of personal weapon mods, the construction of player-made bases and outposts, and the enhancement of equipment.


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Starfield is available on Xbox Series X|S and PC, inviting you to explore the mysteries of the universe like never before.