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In Starfield, players have the opportunity to form deep and meaningful connections with various characters. Although not boasting quite as many options as previous games, romance is still a significant aspect of the game, and players often wonder if they can pursue multiple romantic relationships simultaneously. This guide will break down whether you can romance multiple characters in Starfield.

Multiple Companion Romances in Starfield

Romance in Starfield

You can indeed flirt with multiple characters at the same time in Starfield, regardless of your avatar’s gender. This means you can explore romantic connections with several potential partners simultaneously. However, it’s important to exercise caution in this regard, as your actions may have consequences.

You can only romance the following companions:

  • Andreja
  • Barrett
  • Sam Coe
  • Sarah Morgan

The Consequences of Pursuing Multiple Romances

While Starfield allows for flirting with multiple characters, doing so may negatively impact your relationships. Some characters may not appreciate your flirtatious behavior with others, which can lead to a decline in your affinity with them. This decline in affinity could potentially sour your romantic prospects with those characters.

To maximize your chances of a successful romance, it’s advisable to focus on one character at a time. This approach allows you to build a stronger connection with your chosen partner and avoid complications that arise from pursuing multiple romances simultaneously.

Commitment and Marriage

Commitment and marriage are pivotal milestones in a romantic relationship in Starfield. Once you commit to a character, you become their significant other. To reach this level of commitment, you’ll need to build up their affinity by engaging in flirtatious interactions and taking them with you on missions. Once your affinity is high enough, you can progress to the next stage by accepting a marriage quest.

Exclusive Commitment

It’s worth noting that once you commit to a romantic relationship and become someone’s significant other or spouse, you are not allowed to pursue additional romantic partnerships. Your commitment is exclusive, and you are expected to remain faithful to your chosen partner.

Ending a Relationship

While the game enforces exclusivity during commitment and marriage, you are not locked into a single romantic partner for the entire duration of your Starfield journey. If you decide to explore other romantic options or change your mind about your current partner, there is a way to navigate this situation.

To end a romantic commitment or marriage, initiate a conversation with your current partner. Choose the dialogue option that questions their feelings about the relationship. This will lead to a more in-depth conversation where you can express your desire to end the relationship. The result is a divorce or a separation, allowing you to pursue a different romantic interest.

Exploring Your Options

In summary, while you can flirt with multiple characters in Starfield, it’s wise to focus on one romantic partner at a time to avoid complications. Once you commit to a relationship, it becomes exclusive, and you cannot engage in additional romances until you end the existing one. Fortunately, you have the freedom to choose and change your romantic partners throughout the game, offering a dynamic and flexible approach to romance in Starfield.


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Starfield is available on the Xbox Series X|S and PC.