How to get Silver Centrum in Granblue Fantasy Relink

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Hordes of silver.

In the colorful RPG Granblue Fantasy Relink, upgrading your gear and weapons requires resources. One of the rarest and most valuable is Silver Centrum. Here, we how to get and farm Silver Centrum in Granblue Fantasy Relink, so that you never go short of this valuable resource again.

How to Get Silver Centrum in Granblue Fantasy Relink

Silver Centrum Properties

Silver Centrum in Granblue Fantasy Relink is represented by a silver orb with a dark core glistening with slivers of light. It stands apart from other more ordinary items in the game as a rare boss drop with exceptional qualities. You can use this special material for many purposes, including forging weapons, enhancing gear, and uncapping equipment to unlock heightened levels of power and effectiveness.

How to Acquire Silver Centrum in Granblue Fantasy Relink

In Granblue Fantasy Relink, you can obtain the Silver Centrum through various means. Initially, this prized item is rewarded upon the completion of specific side quests for the first time, such as “The Final Report” and “Saga Grande: Happily Ever After.” These quests serve as significant milestones, where you earn the prestigious Silver Centrum as a reward for their accomplishments.

After that, you can acquire Silver Centrum by replaying the “The Final Report” side quest. This allows you to accumulate more of this coveted item and further enhance your equipment.

The Silver Centrum can also be obtained by participating in other side quests, where it has a chance to drop as a reward. Quests like “Throw a Smith a Bone,” “Rumble in the Desert,” and “Armor Is Best Served Cold” sometimes provide the valuable resource.

Siero’s Knickknack Shop

Another reliable method to obtain the Silver Centrum is by visiting Siero’s Knickknack Shop. This shop offers a variety of valuable items, including the Silver Centrum, through its Treasure Trade feature. You can trade in the items you’ve collected from quests to obtain the Silver Centrum.

How to Farm Silver Centrum

One of the most reliable methods of farming Silver Centrum is by tackling Proud and Maniac level boss quests. While isn’t a guaranteed drop, these quests offer a higher chance of obtaining the Silver Centrum compared to regular quests. Players should prioritize these challenging quests to maximize their chances of acquiring the coveted item.

Here’s a list of available quests that offer the Silver Centrum:

Proud Quests

Maniac Quests

For a Freer Folca

Saga Grande: Happily Ever After

Banquet of Ice and Corpses

Id Bears Repeating

Melting Pot of Hostility

Saga Illustrated: Veil

Trade Barriers

The Saga Continues: Silver

Worst Vacation Ever

Saga Illustrated: Hellfire

Frigid Trial

Saga Illustrated: Crystal

Stormy Trial

The Saga Continues: Wind

Grounded Trial

The Saga Continues: Earth

So, there you have it: a comprehensive guide on how to get and farm Silver Centrum in Granblue Fantasy Relink. Although it’s a bit of work to get this valuable resource, it’s worth persevering. Silver Centrum is a vital resource for upgrading your gear and weapons. Compleing side quests, participating in challenging quests, and visiting Siero’s Knickknack Shop, are all good approaches. To upgrade your characters’ weapons, you’ll need Fortitude Crystals, so check out our guide on how to farm them.