how to time zeta's attacks in granblue fantasy relink

Image source: Cygames

Getting the hang(time) of it.

Granblue Fantasy: Relink character Zeta has the potential to become a super important part of your team, but getting the most from her requires a bit of finesse. The timing of her moveset has a high skill ceiling compared with other characters. If you’re struggling with aerial attacks, we’ve compiled a breakdown of how to master the timing of Zeta loop attacks in Granblue Fantasy: Relink.

Zeta Skills to Unlock First in Granblue Fantasy Relink

Firs things first, to maximize Zeta’s potential you’ll obviously want to unlock all her skills and upgrades. This includes boosting her offense and defense to make her a formidable fighter. Some of our priority picks include:

  • Vengeful Flames: Increases damage output.
  • Wingclipper: Inflicts paralysis, preventing enemies from acting.
  • Infinity Wonders: Fires a piercing multi-hit beam, enhancing damage against enemies with the Arosfer Maya debuff.
  • Rain of Fury: Calls down a barrage of spears, applying an attack debuff to enemies.
  • Realm of Majesty: Signo Drive is an early game skill that can go the distance with Zeta, but you can swap it with Realm’s Majesty to give Zeta another strong parry option.

Start fights with Vengeful Flames to boost your damage, then paralyze your opponent with Wingclipper. Follow up with Infinity Wonders for increased damage, and use Rain of Fury to debuff enemies while your other skills are cooling down.

Zeta’s primary combo is a simple XXXX (spam the attack button). However, she shines with air combinations. After a high jump, press X to dive at an enemy, then perfect your timing with X to loop the combo, or finish with Y for a powerful attack.

How to Master Loop Attack Timing With Zeta

Pay attention to both visual and auditory signals to accurately time her spinning attack sequence, which is effective against tougher foes.

Zeta’s loop attack mechanic requires precise timing to chain multiple attacks for maximum damage. Here’s what you need to focus on to improve:

  • Identify Cues: The game provides visual and auditory cues to signal the optimal timing for each loop attack. A flashing star (visual cue) and a distinct “ting” sound (auditory cue) are key indicators.
  • Early Inputs: For successive dives, the timing window becomes progressively narrower. Begin your inputs slightly earlier than you intuitively might after the first attack. This adjustment is subtle but crucial for chaining multiple loop attacks.
  • Training Dummy Practice: Use the training dummy available on the Grandcypher to practice without the pressure of real combat. This allows you to focus solely on the timing without distractions.

If you’re really struggling to nail the timing, some elements of the loop attacks you’ll want to rehearse include:

  • Visual Focus: Concentrate on the flashing star but start your input as it begins to appear, not waiting for it to fully form. The initial appearance is your cue to act.
  • Sound Over Sight: Some players find the auditory cue more reliable than the visual. Focus on the “ting” sound and use it as your signal to press the attack button again.
  • Peripheral Vision: Use your peripheral vision to monitor the visual cue while keeping your focus on Zeta’s positioning and enemy movements. This helps in maintaining awareness of the battlefield.
  • Input Release Timing: The loop attack triggers on input release, not on press. Practice quick, crisp button presses and releases to hit the narrow window. A swift tap rather than a press-and-hold approach is often more effective.
  • Adjusting for FPS: If you’re playing on PC at higher frame rates, be aware that the timing may feel different compared to standard console frame rates. Adjust your timing slightly faster to compensate for the increased frame rate.
  • Delay Between Attacks: Some players find success by allowing Zeta to travel backwards slightly after her kickback before pressing the attack button again. This slight delay can make it easier to hit the timing window, especially after the first attack.

We recommend you practice the loop attack in isolation, without integrating it into full combos initially. This helps in focusing on the timing without the complexity of additional inputs.

Also, start with aiming for two loop attacks in a row, then gradually increase your goal as you become more consistent.

That wraps up our overview of how to master Zeta in Granblue Fantasy: Relink to squeeze the most out of her time loop mechanic. Note that if Zeta’s character doesn’t fully resonate with you, but you love spear gameplay, Vane is another character who uses a polearm. We’ve also got a handy Ferry build guide if you’re a fan of her skillset.