How to get Casting Sand in Skull and Bones

Image source: Ubisoft via We Game Daily

Off to the beach.

B‍uilding powerful ships and crafting new equipment are core components of Skull and Bones. To do this, you’ll need various resources. We’ve already covered how to find Lime, but another specialist material that comes in handy is Casting Sand. In this guide, we cover how to get Casting Sand in Skull and Bones for use by blacksmiths and shipwrights.

How to get Casting Sand in Skull and Bones

Casting Sand holds immense value in Skull and Bones as it plays a key role in crafting higher-tier ships and superior gear. It’s necessary if you want to build the powerful Blaster Sloop, one of the most coveted DPS (damage per second) ships in the game. However, acquiring Casting Sand is not as simple as a trip to the beach with a bucket and shovel.

Casting Sand Locations

In Skull and Bones, Casting Sand can be found in specific locations along the trade routes along the northern coast of Africa. The Ungwanan ships that traverse these routes carry precious cargo, including the highly sought-after Casting Sand. Plundering these merchant ships can yield a significant amount of they resource. Additionally, settlements such as Harufu, Jiwe, Pembe, and Mchanga can be targeted for looting Casting Sand. However, it’s important to note that these areas are guarded by Ungwanan warships and guard towers, so approach with care.

We’d recommend paying a visit to The Navigator’s Cross outpost, strategically positioned amidst the trade routes. This outpost serves as a convenient hub for repairing your ship and managing your cargo. Moreover, Poacher’s Cache, located to the east of Harufu, is another nearby area that can be explored for additional Casting Sand.

How to Maximize Casting Sand Acquisition

To acquire as much Casting Sand as possible, we suggest the following tips:

  1. Plan your trade route: Familiarize yourself with the trade routes along the northern coast of Africa and strategically position yourself to intercept merchant ships carrying Casting Sand.
  2. Upgrade your ship: Investing in ship upgrades, such as increased speed and firepower, can enhance your chances of successfully looting enemy ships and acquiring Casting Sand.
  3. Take advantage of outposts: Utilize outposts such as The Navigator’s Cross to repair your ship, manage your cargo, and plan your next moves effectively.
  4. Develop your combat skills: Improving your combat skills, including boarding techniques and ship-to-ship combat, can increase your chances of successfully looting enemy ships and obtaining Casting Sand.

Casting Sand Uses

Casting Sand is primarily used in crafting ships, ship weapons, ship armors, and ship furniture. Let’s delve into each of these aspects in detail.

Crafting Ships

Casting Sand is an essential component for crafting specific ships in Skull and Bones. Notably, it’s required for crafting the powerful Blaster Sloop, renowned for its exceptional DPS capabilities. However, to construct any ship, you’ll first need ship blueprints and to gather additional materials. These blueprints can be discovered throughout the game and will provide you with the necessary knowledge to craft your desired ship.

Crafting Ship Weapons

In addition to ships, Casting Sand can be utilized in crafting a variety of powerful ship weapons. Notable examples include the Demi-cannon III, Flooding Demi-cannon II, Bombard III, and Long Gun III. These weapons, when combined with the appropriate ship, can significantly enhance your combat capabilities. Similar to ship crafting, weapon blueprints and additional materials are required to unlock and create these formidable armaments.

Crafting Ship Armors

Ship armors play a vital role in protecting your vessel from enemy attacks. Casting Sand can be utilized to craft armors such as the Iron Husk III. By equipping your ship with high-quality armors, you’ll have a greater chance of surviving drawn-out naval battles.

Crafting Ship Furniture

Beyond ships, weapons, and armors, Casting Sand can be used to craft ship furniture. For instance, you can create the Demi-cannon Works I, a piece of furniture that looks great on your ship. Ship furniture not only enhances the visual appeal of your vessel but can also provide certain gameplay benefits.

So, there you have it: a comprehensive guide on how to get Casting Sand in Skull and Bones. This elusive resource is essential if you want to build the better ships and equipment the game has to offer. If you’re having trouble surviving your encounters in your current ship, why not check out our guide on how to get the powerful Bombardier Padewakang ship?