crystal farming in Granblue Fantasy

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All the crystals.

In Granblue Fantasy Relink, getting the most from your characters in combat is not only about leveraging their abilities but making sure their weapons are as powerful as possible. That means using Fortitude Crystals, so you’ll want as many as possible. Here we’ll detail the best methods to Fortitude Crystal farm in Granblue Fantasy: Relink.

How to Farm Fortitude Crystals in Granblue Fantasy: Relink

Fortitude Crystals can be obtained by completing certain quests. Some yield more than others, though. Put simply, the harder the quest, the more you’ll get. For that reason, go for the highest difficulty level horde, conquest, and defend quests. But there are one or two worth doing above others. Let’s break it down.

Revenge of the Hordes

The best quest for acquiring Fortitude Crystals in Granblue Fantasy Relink is “Revenge of the Hordes.” To access this quest, you’ll need to play on Maniac difficulty, which becomes available after achieving the Zegagrande Legend rank in the post-game phase.

The quest is undertaken in Sundappled Grove, where players have the freedom to undertake the quest repeatedly from the quest counter. This enables max farming of Crystals. Successfully completing it will yield a bunch, but it’s no cake walk. This is one of the hardest quests in the game at this difficulty level.

Great Goblins of Fire

Side quests are also a viable route for acquiring Fortitude Crystals. Some side quests reward these crystals upon completion, while others offer them as potential drop items. Notably, “Great Goblins of Fire” in extreme mode rewards up to 20 Large Fortitude Crystals on the first run.

Other Fortitude Crystal Farm Quests

Beyond those two there are a few other quests that are decent options for crystals. These are as follows:

  1. Sweep the Volcano at Normal difficulty
  2. Unthinning the Troops at Hard difficulty
  3. Absolutely no Trespassers! at Very Hard difficulty

Rerunning these crystal farming missions is a solid way to farm. While the rewards may be slightly reduced in subsequent runs, the opportunity to continuously run them does the job over time.

How to Use Them Effectively

While farming Fortitude Crystals is one thing, effectively using them is another. Make sure you’re investing them wisely; for instance, level up your Ascension Weapons first, given their strength and utility in the game. Also, you’ll find that tackling the tougher Maniac and Proud levels will allow you to acquire large crystals more easily, making these levels ideal for upgrading your gear.

Farming Fortitude Crystals in Granblue Fantasy Relink is essentially all about grinding tough quests, and either earning them as a drop or reward. This guide should have given you a solid overview of which ones to take on so you can farm them as quickly as possible.