Image source: Keen Games via We Game Daily

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Action-RPG/survival game Enshrouded has so much going on that it’s easy to forget it’s in Early Access. But, as ambitious as it is, there have been some teething problems. Mostly notably, a number of players seem to be encountering a persistent crash issue. In this guide, we’ll delve into some things you can do to address the Enshrouded crashing problem.

Enshrouded Crashing Issue, Explained

The Enshrouded crashing issue we’re talking about is when the game crashes when players attempt to access the dedicated server list. The problem seems to be widespread, affecting a significant portion of the player base. Importantly, it’s not our fault! The issue isn’t caused by us making a mess of things or our game settings.

The crash issue primarily impacts online play, with the game remaining fully playable in private mode. The root of the problem lies with the game’s interaction with dedicated servers. When players attempt to join these servers, the game crashes, effectively booting them out. This issue is particularly prevalent among those running the game on a dedicated machine.

Until a permanent fix is implemented, we’d suggest playing in private mode to avoid encountering the crash.

Developer Keen Games has acknowledged the problem on Enshrouded‘s official Discord server. They’ve explained that it’s a MiniDump error and have assured players that they’re working on a hotfix to rectify the problem. However, we don’t have an ETA on when this issue will be resolved.

How to Fix (Hotfix)

In the meantime, the developers have released a temporary hotfix to alleviate the problem. To apply the hotfix, players need to close Enshrouded and download the latest game update. After the update is installed, run the game as usual and join any online session. The hotfix should prevent the MiniDump error from causing further crashes. That’s the idea, anyway!

The good news is that there have been reports of successful online play following the release of the hotfix, but it doesn’t seem perfect. If you’re still having problems, we’d suggest playing in private mode or holding on for Keen Games’ proper fix.

Other Crashes and Freezes

If your game crashes or freezes for other reasons, however, it might not be related to the MiniDump error. In such cases, ensure your computer’s drivers are updated, and your internet connection is stable. The problem could potentially lie with your set-up.

Of course, new massive survival games often encounter server issues at launch, and Enshrouded is no exception. The developers are likely to announce more fixes and updates in the coming days, so patience might be the best course of action for affected players.

For those interested in the technical details of any crash, a closer look at the error log can provide more insight into the issue. The log, which is generated when the game crashes, contains valuable information about the state of the game at the time of the crash. This data can be useful for troubleshooting purposes.

Be Careful Modifying Game Files

While it can be tempting to tinker with game settings or files in an attempt to fix the issue, we do not recommend this. The developers have clearly stated that the MiniDump error isn’t caused by players, implying that modifying game files is unlikely to solve the problem and could potentially cause additional issues.

In short, while the Enshrouded crashing issue is undoubtedly frustrating for some, we should have a little patience. It sounds like Keen Games are listening and working hard on a solution, with the release of the temporary hotfix a promising first step. Keep your game updated, and don’t hesitate to use private mode to continue enjoying exploring the vast world of Embervale without disruption.