How to get the Bombardier ship in Skull and Bones

Image source: Ubisoft via We Game Daily

When you’re navigating Skull and Bones‘ treacherous waters, you want the best ship you can have. The Bombardier Padewakang is an powerful medium-sized ship that makes an excellent choice for any naval battle. In this guide, we detail the steps required to get the Bombardier ship in Skull and Bones, including locating the necessary blueprint.

How to Get the Bombardier Ship in Skull and Bones

The Bombardier Padewakang is a powerful DPS (damage per second) ship that specializes in dealing bonus damage to structures. It is equipped with a Detonate perk, which further increases its damage capabilities. This ship boasts a stern and auxiliary gun slot, making it a formidable vessel in naval battles. With its four furniture slots and five weapon slots, the Bombardier Padewakang is a significant upgrade from the smaller ships available in the game.

Locating the Bombardier Ship Blueprint

The Bombardier Padewakang ship blueprint can be found in the Pirate Den known as Telok Penjarah, which is located in the East Indies. Reaching this Pirate Den can be difficult, however, as you’ll have to navigate through dangerous waters and will encounter high-ranking enemy ships along the way. To make the journey to Telok Penjarah, set sail from Sainte-Anne and head northeast, following a safe route to avoid unnecessary confrontations.

On your way, try to avoid engaging in battles with high-ranking enemy ships. Rogue Waves pose a significant threat and can cause severe damage to your vessel. We suggest plotting a course that takes you through narrow sea passages and minimizes exposure to hostile forces.

Telok Penjarah: A Pirate’s Haven

Upon arrival at Telok Penjarah, you’ll discover a Pirate Den similar to Sainte-Anne. The blueprint for the Bombardier Padewakang ship is available for purchase from the Shipwright located within the pirate settlement. Note that to acquire the blueprint, you’ll need to have a Brigand Infamy Rank or higher. Once you’ve reached the required rank, approach the Shipwright and acquire the Bombardier Padewakang ship blueprint for 5,280 Silver.

Increasing Infamy Rank

If your Infamy Rank isn’t high enough, engage in battles with enemy vessels, complete contracts, and achieve objectives. All these contribute to your Infamy Rank. Additionally, you can just sail the open seas, gather resources such as Acacia, and engage in other activities that boost their Infamy Rank. Remember that the higher your Infamy Rank, the more powerful resources and ship blueprints you’ll have access to.

Building the Bombardier Padewakang Ship

Acquiring the Necessary Resources

With the blueprint in hand, players can proceed to build the Bombardier Padewakang ship. But first you’ll need the necessary resources. The required materials include:

  • 18 Ironwood Planks,
  • 15 Steel Ingots,
  • 15 Fine Ramie,
  • 4 Shellac,
  • 4 Crude Saltpeter, and
  • 2,880 Silver.

You can obtain these resources through various means, such as looting enemy ships, completing quests, or trading with other players.

Crafting the Ship

Once you have all the required resources, return to a Shipwright, either at Telok Penjarah or Sainte-Anne, to initiate the construction of the Bombardier Padewakang ship. By selecting the option to craft an item and choosing the Bombardier Padewakang-class ship, you can trade in the necessary resources and Silver to the Shipwright. The ship construction process will commence, culminating in the completion and launch of the Bombardier Padewakang ship.

Upgrading and Customizing Your Ship

With the Bombardier Padewakang ship now in your possession, you have the opportunity to enhance its capabilities further. Players can equip the ship with powerful weapons, add furniture for aesthetic purposes, and upgrade its armor. These enhancements will not only improve the ship’s combat effectiveness but also allow for a more personalized and unique gaming experience.

So, there you have it: a guide to on how to get the Bombardier ship in Skull and Bones, or the Bombardier Padewakang ship, to be specific. The Bombardier Padewakang is a powerful medium-sized ship that can annihilate enemy ships in moments. Remember to ensure you have at least the Brigand Infamy Rank and all the necessary resources, and you’ll be sailing the high seas in this beautiful ship in no time. And if you’re struggling to find that handy resource, Lime, check out our guide on how to get it.