where to find lime in skull and bones

Image source: Ubisoft via We Game Daily

Vitamin c.

In Skull and Bones, crafting and shipbuilding are pivotal to your survival and dominance. One of the less obvious but crucial resources for these endeavors is Lime. Unlike other materials that can be straightforwardly located through merchant ships or specific outposts, Lime’s source is a little trickier. Here we’ll break down exactly where to find Lime in Skull and Bones.

Lime Location in Skull and Bones

Lime is an essential component for various crafting recipes within Skull and Bones. Its scarcity and the lack of direct information on the map regarding its location mean it’s in high demand but not necessarily easy to find. Unlike other resources, Lime isn’t found by tracking down Merchant Ships on a Supply Route and looting them for resources.

Instead, you get Lime from the Merchant Ships sailing under the flag of the Confederation of Ungwana. These ships navigate the waters in the Coast of Africa region, stretching from Pembe in the north to Kusini in the south. Despite the game’s map not indicating Lime as a potential drop from these ships, they do actually carry it.

Identifying the Right Ships

To locate Lime, keep an eye out for Merchant Ships adorned with the distinctive green and white flag of the Confederation of Ungwana. These ships, while not explicitly listed to carry Lime on their Supply Routes, often hold it in their cargo. Use your Spyglass as you sail the specified region. It allows you to peer into the passing Merchant Ships to identify carrying Lime. While not every ship under the Confederation’s flag will carry Lime, a significant number do, and often in large quantities. It’s not rare to find a single Merchant Ship with as many as ten units of Lime.

With the knowledge of where to find Lime in Skull and Bones, your ability to construct new ships and craft advanced Ship Equipment is greatly enhanced. The Coast of Africa, with its busy traffic of Ungwana Merchant Ships, becomes a crucial area for players looking to gather this valuable resource.

Again, not every ship will have what you’re looking for, but with enough persistence, you should easily be able to gather enough Lime to meet all your crafting requirements. We’ve got some other useful content if you’re just starting the game, including how to sort that pesky death mark notifcation.