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Strike gold! I mean, er, Caelumite.

One of the primary story objectives in Starfield revolves around discovering and exploring Artifacts, enigmatic objects that form part of the Armillary. The Armillary is believed to have been created by an unknown alien species eons ago. As you progress through the main story missions of the game, you will come across these Artifacts. Near each Artifact’s location, you should find a mineral deposit. Here’s how to get Caelumite in Starfield and what it’s used for.

Caelumite Location in Starfield & How to Get it

Image source: Bethesda

Caelumite is a vivid turquoise stone protruding from walls and floors. Typically, this resource can be found in caves or rocky surfaces in proximity to an Artifact. Ensure that you thoroughly search the area to avoid leaving without mining Caelumite. To collect Caelumite, you’ll need to use the Cutter.

If, by any chance, you complete the story mission and leave the Artifact site without mining Caelumite, don’t fret. You can always return to the location where the Artifact was last discovered. Keep track of Artifact locations through your mission log.

What Is Caelumite Used For in Starfield?

Initially, Caelumite in Starfield serves as a valuable resource that can be sold for a substantial amount of money, depending on the vendor you choose to do business with. However, unless you are in dire need of credits, it’s advisable to stockpile your Caelumite.

Once you attain a sufficiently high spacesuit crafting skill level, you can harness the power of Caelumite in Starfield to craft a Helmet Mod. Specifically, with four stacks of Caelumite, you can create Gravitic Composites, a Helmet Mod that reduces detection by enemies and enhances the value of the gear you wear. This mod is exceptionally useful for stealth-oriented players and ranks among the most valuable modifications in the game. Hence, it’s imperative that you refrain from selling off all your Caelumite.


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That does it for how to mine Caelmite. Starfield is available exclusively on the Xbox Series X|S and PC.