palworld boss respawn explained

Image source: Pocket Pair, Inc

Unusually, Palworld offers a unique respawn feature that you can use whether your character has died or not. But when is it appropriate to use? Well, if you’ve just started the game and wondering that exact question then here we’ll guide you on how to use the boss respawn feature in Palworld and when you should do so. We’ve recently updated this guide for clarity on boss respawn times.

Respawns in Palworld, Explained

Respawning is a common feature in various video games, typically allowing characters to come back to life after being defeated. However, Palworld takes this feature a step further by allowing players to use the respawn option even without any character death.

To access this option, navigate to the ‘Options’ tab in the game menu and select ‘Respawn.’ A warning will pop up, requiring confirmation to proceed. Now, the way respawn works in Palworld depends on the difficulty level set for your world.

For those who have chosen Normal or a higher difficulty level, the respawn feature comes with a penalty — loss of all equipment and materials. Following respawn, players can retrieve their belongings from a bag dropped at their last death location.

For gamers who prefer a more relaxed experience, setting the difficulty to ‘Casual’ allows them to keep all their gear intact, even after respawning. This level also offers additional benefits like easier Pal captures, XP boosts, and faster incubation periods. You can adjust the difficulty levels at the World Select menu.

When to Use Respawn in Palworld

The respawn feature in Palworld is particularly useful when your character is stuck in an inaccessible area. Pocketpair, the game developer, suggests using this feature as an escape route in such situations. However, keep in mind that players at Normal and above difficulty levels will lose their gear due to the penalty limitations. On the other hand, Casual players can exploit this feature to explore the islands more freely.

How Long Do Palworld Bosses Take to Respawn?

While the ability to respawn your character is useful, the most exciting aspect of the respawn mechanism in Palworld is arguably the resurrection of the game’s bosses. Dubbed as ‘Alpha Pals,’ these formidable foes can be taken down for incredible loot.

Bosses in Palworld, the Alpha Pals, do come back after being defeated. Though marked as ‘Defeated’ on the map, they reappear at the same spot after approximately an hour. This hour refers to an hour of active gameplay, not real-time. So, shutting down and reopening the game after an hour won’t bring the bosses back.

Keeping track of the respawn time of Alpha Pals can be tricky. A useful trick is to place a Pal egg in an incubator and wait for it to hatch. Hatching two eggs takes about an hour, so the hatching of the second egg signals the likely return of the defeated bosses.

Some open world bosses that aren’t Alpha take less time; typically, around 15 minutes. This applies to legendaries as well.

Rewards and Limitations

Upon facing a boss for the second time, you’re free to bag all the loot you got previously. Additionally, if you missed catching them the first time, you get another chance. However, Ancient Technology points are limited to the number of different Alpha Pals around the map, so you won’t receive these after the first defeat.

So there you have it. Now that you’re equipped with the knowledge of respawning in Palworld, you can plan your battles and exploration more strategically. Remember, the respawn feature is a tool for exploration, escape, and replays of battles.