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Is it nippy outside?

Have you been happily trying to grow your army of cute, murderous critters in Palworld only to be confronted with the frustrating ‘Egg seems a little cold’ status? Well, you’re not alone. Breeding your Pals isn’t always straightforward. In this guide, we explore the ‘Egg seems a little cold’ Palworld status and provide some easy solutions.

‘Egg Seems a Little Cold’ Status, Explained

In short, the ‘Egg Seems a Little Cold’ status appears when the egg you’re trying to incubate isn’t in an optimal environment. This status indicates that the egg’s temperature is too low, which can slow down or even halt the incubation process. This somewhat irritating issue needs to be addressed if you want to bring a new Pal servant into the world.

The issue typically arises when a player attempts to incubate a Pal egg that prefers a hotter climate in a cold region. For instance, if you try to hatch a Digtoise Egg (a Pal that primarily spawns in hot regions) in a cold biome, the ‘Egg seems a little cold’ status might appear. As such, you need to understand the egg’s preferences and adjust the environment accordingly.

How to Fix ‘Egg Seems a Little Cold’ Issue

There are several effective ways to tackle this problem and ensure the comfortable incubation of your Pal eggs:

Use Heat Sources

The most straightforward solution is to place a heat source, like a Campfire or a Heater, next to the egg. These items will increase the egg’s temperature and speed up the incubation process. Just keep in mind that different heat sources have varying effectiveness.

  • Campfire – Building a campfire is a relatively easy and cost-effective solution. It requires minimal materials and can significantly increase the egg’s temperature. However, the campfire has the tendency to occasionally set your on fire, so be careful when using it!
  • Heater – The Heater is a safer, more efficient option than the campfire. Unlocked at Level 17, it requires 20 Ingots, 10 Charcoal, and 5 Flame Organs to build. If you’re short on resources, we can point you in the right direction with our resource guide. Additionally, you’ll need a Pal with the Kindling skill to light it. The Heater is a more stable heat source and can provide a consistent temperature for your egg.

Incubation Time of Day

Performing the incubation during warmer parts of the day can also help. The daytime temperature in Palworld is typically higher than at night, making it an ideal time for egg incubation.

Incubate in Warmer Biomes

If you’re still having trouble despite using heat sources, you may need to move the egg to a warmer biome for incubation. Biomes like the Grassland or the Desert have higher ambient temperatures, which can facilitate faster incubation.

So, there you have it: a guide on how to overcome that pesky ‘Egg seems a little cold’ status in Palworld. Hatching eggs is a bit of a faff at first, but once you get the hang of it, it’s a great way of growing your Pal army for when they’re inevitably injured.

To recap, first try heat sources like the Campfire and the Heater to warm up the egg. If that doesn’t work, focus on incubating during the day or, as a last resort, moving the egg to warmer biomes.

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