overlaps with other objects palworld error

Image source: Pocket Pair, Inc via We Game Daily

Snapping out of it.

Given Palworld is still Early Access, it’s hardly surprising there are a few errors here and there. That includes the rather notorious-at-this-point“Overlaps With Other Objects” error. This issue usually arises when trying to place Palboxes. Here are a few ways to fix the problem.

Palword Overlaps With Other Objects Error, Explained

Typically, the “Overlaps With Other Objects” error occurs when attempting to place a Palbox. It becomes particularly frustrating when the game continues to prevent one from placing a Palbox despite no visible objects obstructing its path. So, what the heck is going on?

The root cause of this error is an obstruction at the spawn point of the Pals when trying to position a Palbox. This hindrance can be any object, but most often, it’s a Pal standing near you.

Since you’re likely to face the same issue when trying to place another object aside from the Palbox, it’s likely a problem related to the Palbox. Hence, our first line of troubleshooting should be related to the Palbox itself.

Rotate and Reposition Your Palbox

The first and simplest solution to the “Overlaps With Other Objects” issue is to adjust the position of your Palbox. More specifically, by using the mouse wheel to rotate the Palbox and shift it slightly away, you can circumnavigate the error.

When we rotate and move the Palbox, it shows the exact point where the Pals will spawn. By ensuring that there’s no obstacle at the Pals’ spawn point, you should be able to lay one down without issues.

Remember to despawn the Pal standing next to you before you place your Palbox in Palworld.

Log Off and Log In Again

While the first solution should typically solve the issue, it doesn’t always work. If that’s the case, more extreme methods are necessary. You’ll want to try logging off and back in again. By doing so you’re effectively resetting the game state, which tends to clear up any obstruction issues.

Deconstruct and Rebuild Your Palbox

Lastly, if you’re still struggling despite having tried those previous issues, there’s one more trick up your sleeve: deconstruct your existing Palbox and rebuild it. This method is especially useful if the problem persists when trying to place an object other than the Palbox.

By breaking down a Palbox and relocating it, it should then function as expected, and you should be able to place it without encountering the “Overlaps With Other Objects” error.

So, there you have three potential solutions to the “Overlaps With Other Objects” error in Palworld. Next time you encounter it, try either rotating and repositioning your Palbox, logging off and logging in again, or deconstructing and rebuilding your Palbox.