How To Complete The Ralis Channel Crystal in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

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The Ralis Channel Crystal may not feature the most intricate puzzle, but it presents a higher level of difficulty compared to many other Shrine Quests within Tears of the Kingdom. So, let’s delve into the walkthrough and explore the steps involved with this Ralis Channel Crystal in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom guide.

How To Unlock The Ralis Channel Crystal in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

First things first, proceed to Ralis Channel. One convenient approach is to utilize a gliding technique from Upland Zorana Skyview Tower, directing oneself towards Ralis Pond. The entrance to the cave becomes readily apparent upon arrival at Ralis Pond. Upon entering the cave, it is required to navigate a gap by leaping and subsequently employing the Paraglider get down safely. A controlled landing adjacent to the puddle below will bring into view various Zonai Devices, including Wooden Plates, Fans, a Control Panel, and a Green Crystal. Activating the Green Crystal by physical contact will initiate the Ralis Channel Crystal quest.

To obtain the Large Zonai Charge in TotK, the Green Crystal must be properly positioned. This Crystal emits a green laser light as a guide indicating its intended placement. Upon interaction, it reveals the opposite side of the puddle. You’ll need to make a boat to drift across.

How To Get Large Zonai Charge in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

Secure two Fans at the rear of a wooden plank and position the Control Panel at the center. It is advisable to thoroughly examine the area behind the stone in case the Control Panel is not immediately visible. Finally, affix the Green Crystal to the boat and navigate towards the opposite side.

Upon placing the Green Crystal in proximity to the Shrine, a reward known as Raruru’s Blessing will be bestowed upon you. Upon receiving this blessing, Link teleports, transporting you to a small area with a single chest positioned before you. Within this chest, you will discover the coveted Large Zonai Charge. Following its acquisition, proceed towards the Shrine’s exit to successfully conclude the Ralis Channel Crystal quest and unlock the Joniu Shrine in TotK.

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