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Let there be light. Image via Nintendo.

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom may not be getting any DLC or a direct sequel, but that’s fine, because we’re still playing it anyway! One thing we found tricky was how to get the TotK Hyrule Forest Park Chasm Lightroot. This Lightroot is tucked away beneath the surface in the Depths of Hyrule, and reaching it can be a little confusing. Here we’ll break down each step if you’re as confused as we were.

Hyrule Forest Park Chasm Location & How to Get

The Hyrule Forest Park Chasm in TotK is a secluded region within the Central Hyrule Depths, encircled by rivers on all sides. Its precise coordinates are 0221, 1084, -0474.

How to Get Hyrule Forest Park Chasm Lightroot in Tears of the Kingdom
Going deeper underground. Image via Nintendo.

To get there, head towards the eastern portion of the Hyrule Castle Moat. You can reach this location by crossing the Boneyard Bridge, gliding over from Hyrule Castle, or creating a boat to navigate the currents.

Once you reach the moat, make your way to the southwestern corner of the Hyrule Forest Park. Here, you’ll find a cliff’s edge. Glide off the cliff to discover a cave opening on its side – this is your entrance to the Hyrule Castle Moat East Chasm.

Prepare yourself to take out a Blue-White Frox as soon as you enter the Depths. You can actually avoid it by staying up high in the air if you prefer.

Fang you for coming. Image via Nintendo.

After entering the Depths and dealing with the Frox, turn your attention northwards. In the distance, you’ll spot the Hyrule Forest Park Chasm Lightroot. Glide towards it before landing to avoid a direct encounter with another Blue-White Frox lurking below.

Upon reaching the Lightroot, interact with it to activate it. As it dispels the darkness, the Depths will reveal more of its secrets, providing you with a clearer view.

So there you have it. The TotK Hyrule Forest Park Chasm Lightroot is tricky to reach and is overall one of the more elusive Lightroots in Tears of the Kingdom. Hopefully, this article made it all a little easier for you.