how to beat cassandra mason

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Tough cookie.

Among the various boss fights in the game, the showdown with Dark wizard Cassandra Mason is a tricky one. Whether you’re an action RPG newbie or a veteran, she’s genuinely pretty hard to beat. There are multiple phases to the fight, so here we’re breaking them all down with a full overview of how to beat Cassandra Mason in Hogwarts Legacy.

Beating Cassandra Mason in Hogwarts Legacy

First things first, do keep in mind this fight is only available if you’re on a PlayStation console — at least for the time being. It’s part of the PlayStation-exclusive side quest called “Minding Your Own Business.” The big reward for beating it is, of course, the chance to acquire the shopkeeper’s cosmetic set and your own shop in Hogsmeade.

The first encounter with Cassandra Mason happens in Hogsmeade, where she aims to sell her shop. The actual boss fight against Cassandra Mason takes place in a haunted house following a series of events involving the shop and a mysterious chest. This sets the stage for an intense showdown of magic spells and spellcasting between the player and Cassandra Mason.

Phase One: The Initial Attack

Although Cassandra Mason doesn’t possess any exceptional abilities, you’ll need to be prepared to dodge, parry, and counter-attack as needed, utilizing your magic spells and spellcasting skills to outmaneuver her.

Cassandra’s attack strategy in the first phase of the boss fight is relatively simple, involving three basic spells. She will attempt to hit you with rocks and pumpkins, which you can either dodge or use Ancient Magic Throw to deflect back at her. Additionally, she will use the spell Confringo, which you should counter with the same spell, showcasing your proficiency in magic spells and spellcasting.

Phase Two: Breaking Cassandra’s Shield

In the second phase of the boss fight, Cassandra enhances her defense by using Protego to create a white shield. To counter this, use Ancient Magic Throw to break her shield and continue your attacks, demonstrating your adeptness in magic spells and spellcasting. Beware of her teleportation during this phase, as she might catch you off guard with her quick strikes, requiring swift reflexes and strategic spellcasting.

Phase Three: The Finale

The final phase of the boss fight doesn’t differ significantly from the previous stages. Cassandra will continue to use her white shield intermittently. As in the previous phase, knock down her shield and continue your offensive assault, keeping an eye out for her teleportation and swift attacks. Your mastery in magic spells and spellcasting will be crucial in this phase of the battle.

Congratulations! Beating Cassandra Mason in Hogwarts Legacy marks a big step towards unlocking new cosmetic items and owning a shop in Hogsmeade.