own a shop in Hogwarts Legacy explained

Image source: Portkey Games

Not quite yet.

In Hogwarts Legacy, minding your own business is not just a saying but a quest that awaits. Well, depending on which platform you’re on, anyway. Yes, our favorite aspect of the games industry rears its head in Portkey’s open-world RPG: console-exclusive content. If you’re a beginner who has just started playing on Nintendo’s handheld and want to own a shop in Hogwarts Legacy, here’s the bad news you don’t want to read.

Is the Hogsmeade Shop Available on Switch?

Annoyingly, the ‘Minding Your Own Business’ side quest is exclusive to PlayStation 4|5 users. Players on PC, Xbox, or Switch will have to wait until early February 2024 to access this quest. At least there’s not too much longer to wait.

‘Minding Your Own Business’ Quest Walkthrough

We can at least walk you through the quest so that you know what to do next year. So, before embarking on the ‘Minding Your Own Business’ quest, you need to hit Level 18. Once you’ve achieved this milestone, you’ll encounter a house-elf named Penny outside an empty store next to the South Hogsmeade Floo Flame (use our interactive map to find its location). This is your cue to begin the quest, initiating your journey of minding your own business in the enchanting world of Hogwarts Legacy.

Once you’ve started the quest, you’ll step into the shoes of a budding entrepreneur, tasked with turning a vacant shop into a bustling business. The quest can be broken down into the following segments:

  • The Vacant Shop: The shop belongs to the witch Cassandra Mason, who has left it in a state of disarray. Your first task is to clean it up.
  • Mysterious Chest: While cleaning, you’ll stumble upon a mysterious chest that leads you into a labyrinth of dark tunnels.
  • Cassandra Mason Fight: The climactic point of the quest involves a duel with Cassandra Mason. Emerging victorious from this battle will send her off to Azkaban. Full walkthrough here.

Once you’ve dealt with Cassandra, you’re rewarded with the opportunity to name your shop and start your entrepreneurial journey. The shop becomes a decent source of income, where you can sell items you find during your gameplay at a higher price. Obviously, by selling loot at a higher price, you can leverage your shop to earn more money and purchase better gear.