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As a young student of Hogwarts, you’ll be attending plenty of classes as you work through the year’s wizarding syllabus. But not all the tests are set by the teachers. Sophronia Franklin conducts her own quiz in Hogwarts Legacy about the Wizarding World, and if you’re looking to ace without doing your homework then here’s a run down of all the questions and answers in Sophronia’s quiz.

Sophronia Franklin’s Quiz

Round 1

The first five questions of Sophronia Franklin’s quiz related to the basic knowledge of the Wizarding World. The quiz does become progressively harder in the second and third rounds, though.

  1. Question: Before the invention of the Golden Snitch, which magical creature was used in a game of Quidditch?
    • Answer: The Golden Snidget.
  2. Question: Which potion is commonly referred to as “Liquid Luck”?
    • Answer: Felix Felicis.
  3. Question: The Tale of the Three Brothers involves which magical artifacts?
    • Answer: The Deathly Hallows.
  4. Question: Which ball in Quidditch is the largest?
    • Answer: The Quaffle.
  5. Question: True or False: Polyjuice Potion allows the drinker to change species.
    • Answer: False.

Round 2

The second round of Sophronia’s quiz consists of 10 questions that require a deeper understanding of the Harry Potter universe.

  1. Question: What governmental body directly preceded the Ministry of Magic?
    • Answer: The Wizards’ Council.
  2. Question: Which dragon breed is the smallest?
    • Answer: The Peruvian Vipertooth.
  3. Question: Who founded the village of Hogsmeade?
    • Answer: Hengist of Woodcroft.
  4. Question: The Hidebehind was accidentally created by cross-breeding a ghoul with what other magical creature?
    • Answer: A Demiguise.
  5. Question: What is the only spell known to repel a Lethifold?
    • Answer: The Patronus Charm.

Round 3

The final round of Sophronia’s quiz in Hogwarts Legacy consists of 10 questions that demand a deep knowledge of the Harry Potter world.

  1. Question: Emeric the Evil was killed in a duel against whom?
    • Answer: Egbert the Egregious.
  2. Question: If a Chaser keeps their hand on the Quaffle as it goes through the goal, what foul are they committing?
    • Answer: Haversacking.
  3. Question: A bite from a Mackled Malaclaw has the unusual side effect of causing what?Answer: Bad luck.
  4. Question: What plant excretes Stinksap?
    • Answer: Mimbulus mimbletonia.
  5. Question: The Pepper Potion evolved from a remedy created by which 12th-century wizard?
    • Answer: Linfred of Stinchcombe.

That wraps up our comprehensive guide to all Sophronia Quiz Answers in Hogwarts Legacy. If you’re looking for more tips and tricks then our beginner guide acts as a hub page for all our coverage.