the witcher 3 new update adds modding tools

Image source: CD Projekt Red

Can. Not. Wait.

CDPR has just announced a new update coming to its iconic open-world RPG, The Witcher 3, which is likely to see its popularity once again skyrocket. Coming free to all current owners of the game next year, the update will add modding tools that should allow players to turn The Continent into their own sandbox playground.

Similar to Bethesda’s beloved Skyrim, it’s likely to see an influx of new mods that add all-new ways to play, from questlines to new weapons and items and more. The announcement comes via the game’s official Twitter:

The Witcher 3’s modding scene has actually been steadily growing for a number of years. There is already a bucket load of awesome mods that introduce all sorts of notable content, from progression system overhauls to new quests. But the flexibility of the game’s current modding tools has never allowed players the sort of control that modders have enjoyed for Bethesda titles. This new update sounds as though it will finally deliver, and The Witcher 3 may yet enjoy a legacy of mods in a similar fashion to Skyrim or the Fallout series.

There aren’t many details beyond the announcement you see above, though the dev team did respond to a reply asking about platforms. Unfortunately, the modding tools will only be coming to PC players. Mind you, if it proves popular then we can see it rolling out to consoles in the future — though that’s total speculation on our part.

In other recent The Witcher news, Netflix announced a new animated movie coming to the streaming service next year — and it sees Doug Cockle reprise his role as Geralt.