All FF7 Rebirth Stats and Status Effects

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If you don’t get your head around Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth‘s stats and status effects, combat can be tricky. From the straightforward metrics like Attack and Defense to the more esoteric Spirit and Vitality, every stat plays an important role in your characters’ battle performance. Here, we break down all FF7 Rebirth stats and status effects so you can go into battle well-prepared for every eventuality.

All FF7 Rebirth Stats

The game’s manual, accessible via the main menu, is the best way of understanding FF7 Rebirth‘s stats. Here’s a rundown of what each stat signifies and its impact on gameplay:

  • Attack: This stat determines the base damage dealt with physical weapons.
  • Magic Attack: Dictates the potency of spells and abilities.
  • Defense: Determines the amount of physical damage your character can take.
  • Magic Defense: Regards your character’s resistance against magical attacks.
  • Strength & Magic: These secondary stats boost your Attack and Magic Attack, respectively, affecting how much damage you can inflict.
  • Vitality & Spirit: These stats are essential for reducing physical and magical damage taken.
  • Luck: Affects the frequency of Critical Hits and successful steals.
  • Speed: Controls the rate at which your ATB Gauge fills.
  • Critical Hit Rate & Damage: Influence the likelihood and power of Critical Hits.
  • ATB Charge Bonus: Speeds up the ATB Gauge’s recharge rate during combat actions.
  • Initial & Max Limit Level: Indicate the starting and maximum levels of a character’s Limit Break.

All FF7 Rebirth Status Effects

In FF7 Rebirth, status effects are categorized into Beneficial and Detrimental Effects. Each playing an important role in battle dynamics.

Beneficial Status Effects

Beneficial Status Effects offer temporary boosts that can turn the tide of battle:

  • Bravery & Faith: Enhance physical and magical damage output respectively.
  • Protect & Shell: Boost defense against physical and magical attacks.
  • Barrier & Manaward: Reduce physical and magical damage taken.
  • Shield: Offers complete immunity to physical damage.
  • Reflect: Bounces magic attacks back to the caster.
  • Haste: Increases ATB Gauge recharge rate.
  • Resist: Lowers the likelihood of succumbing to detrimental effects.
  • Regen & Auto-life: Provide gradual HP restoration and automatic revival during battle.

Leveraging these effects can provide significant advantages in challenging encounters.

Detrimental Status Effects

Conversely, Detrimental Status Effects hinder your characters’ performance:

  • Poison: Gradually reduces HP.
  • Silence: Prevents magic use.
  • Sleep, Slow, Stop, & Stun: Impair movement and action capabilities.
  • Toad: Transforms your character into a, well, toad, severely limiting their actions.
  • Debrave & Defaith: Weaken physical and magical attack power.
  • Petrify: Gradually turns a character to stone, leading to defeat if not cured quickly.
  • Berserk, Fury, & Sedate: Offer mixed benefits, increasing damage output or ATB Gauge rate while altering vulnerability.

Navigating these effects is crucial for maintaining combat effectiveness and requires strategic use of items and spells for mitigation.

So, there you have it: a complete guide to all FF7 Rebirth stats and status effects. We thoroughly recommend getting your head around all the stats and status effects in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth. When it comes to the more challenging encounters, it can make all the difference. If you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed by your adventure, why not check out our interactive map page and guide to getting all the game’s Chocobos?