All Chocobo types in FF7 Rebirth

Image source: Square Enix via We Game Daily


Rejoice! The legendary Chocobos finally make a proper appearance in FF7 Rebirth, after briefly appearing as fast travel-enablers in Remake. In Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, you can traverse the open world with these versatile birds, flying over water, gliding over canyons, and climbing walls. Each region in the game features a distinct type of Chocobo, necessary for fast travel and overcoming geographical challenges. In this guide, we break down all Chocobo types in FF7 Rebirth and detail how to get them.

All Chocobo Locations in FF7 Rebirth

The following list details each of the Chocobo types in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth and explains where to find them.

Yellow Chocobo (Grasslands)

  • Location: Bill’s Ranch.
  • How to Get: Follow the main story to capture the yellow Chocobo named Piko. Use rocks to distract other Chocobos and sneak up to mount it.

Gray Chocobo (Junon)

  • Location: South of Junon, at the Chocobo Intel: Birds of the Mountain location.
  • How to Get: Complete a mini-game where you hide behind moving carts to approach and tame the gray Chocobo, which can climb steep surfaces.

Orange Chocobo (Corel Region)

  • Location: Rent-a-Bird Stables at the end of Costa Del Sol.
  • How to Get: Rent the orange Chocobo after completing the Costa Del Sol story missions. It comes with the Tropical Visor, Shawl, and Anklets.

Green Chocobo (Gongaga)

  • Location: Gongaga.
  • How to Get: The green Chocobo is given as part of the story and can glide after using mushrooms to jump above cliffs.

Aqua Chocobo (Cosmo Canyon)

  • Location: North of Activation Intel Tower 1, at the Cosmo Canyon’s Soaring Birds Intel location.
  • How to Get: Complete a mini-game involving pushing carts and throwing rocks to distract the Chocobo before taming it. This Chocobo can glide using wind turbines.

Blue Chocobo (Nibel Region)

  • Location: South of the Nibel Airstrip, at the Feathered Waverunners Intel location.
  • How to Get: Complete a mini-game where you throw treats to lure the blue Chocobo while avoiding cacti. This Chocobo can glide over water using a jet stream.

So, there you have it: a complete guide of all Chocobo types in FF7 Rebirth, where they’re located, and how to acquire them. Chocobo’s make traversing Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth‘s beautiful outdoor environments faster and more efficient, as well as opening up secret areas, so it’s well worth tracking them down.