all ff7 missable content

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Take it slowly.

In Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, the main story alone can take 40-60 hours. But there’s even more content if you hop off the beaten path and explore, some of which is missable. Well, sort of — which we’ll explain below. In any case, completionists wanting to experience all the game has to offer means the question of whether there’s missable content in FF7 Rebirth and what all the missable content is crops up. Let’s explain.

Does FF7 Rebirth Have Missable Content? Answered

Yes and no. While FF7 Rebirth allows players to return to previous locations to complete quests or gather missed intel, certain quests, areas, or specific segments may become inaccessible as you progress, with some quests being removed from the Community Board. However, once the main storyline is completed, the Chapter Select feature enables players to revisit completed chapters, retaining their level and character progression, allowing them to pick up anything they missed.

So, yes it’s missable while playing the game, but at the same time, it is possible to return and complete them on the same save file once you’ve finished the main story.

All FF7 Rebirth Missable Content

So, what exactly is missable? Let’s break it all down.

Side Quests

Each region in FF7 Rebirth is filled with side quests accessible before progressing to the next chapter. These can be found on the Community Board. Advancing in the story without completing these quests locks them away temporarily until the Fast Travel option is unlocked. While this is only a soft lock, it’s easy to overlook quests if you’re not diligent.

Relationship Interactions

Some chapters offer unique character interactions that are easy to miss. For instance, skipping post-battle conversations after a boss fight in Chapter 6 means missing out on character development and potential hints at romance options. Engaging with all characters before proceeding is recommended.

Romance Options

Rushing through the game can lead to missing intimate moments with party members, like the Gondola Ride at Skywheel Square. These moments are crucial for players looking to explore romance options with specific characters.

Chapter Location Items

Certain chapters feature exclusive areas packed with unique items, such as rare weapons, accessories, materia, and armor. Missing these items during your initial visit often means they’re gone for good unless revisited through Chapter Select. For example, Chapter 7’s exclusive areas accessible only by Yuffie’s Grappling Hook won’t be accessible with Cloud later on.


FF7 Rebirth is known for its variety of mini-games, each tied to specific chapters. Missing out on these games means potentially missing out on trophies, as seen with the Junon Inauguration Parade mini-game in Chapter 4. To replay these games, players must either reload an earlier save or use the Chapter Select feature after completing the game.

So there you have it. While the Chapter Select feature provides a safety net for completionists, experiencing everything as you go offers the most immersive and rewarding journey through the world of FF7 Rebirth.