dragon's dogma 2 portcrystal locations and fast ttravel

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Fast travel, explained.

Navigating the vast world of Dragon’s Dogma 2 can be daunting, but with the right knowledge of fast travel methods, players can explore this immense landscape more efficiently. The game introduces three primary ways to fast travel: Wagon Carts, Portcrystals, and Ferrystones. Each serves a unique purpose and is found in different locations throughout the game. This guide will detail where to all Dragon’s Dogma 2 portcrystal locations in and how to use them effectively.

All Dragon’s Dogma 2 Portcrystal Locations

Portcrystals are essentially a customizable fast travel network. Players can place these crystals at any chosen location, with a limit of ten active Portcrystals at any given time. To utilize a Portcrystal, you’ll first need a Ferrystone.

It’s worth noting that the game introduces both permanent and reusable Portcrystals, with the latter offering flexibility in placement. Ferrystones are required to use them, purchasable from vendors or found as loot.

Permanent Portcrystal Locations

There are two permanent portcrystal locations. Well, three if you count end-game content. These are as follows:

  • Vernworth: Located next to the inn (near the northwestern corner close to the giant Riftstone).
  • Harve Village: Found outside a hut by the pier, near Stormwind Cave.

Additional permanent Portcrystals appear late in the game, linked to pursuing the true ending.

Reusable Portcrystal Locations

You can also acquire reusable portcrystals, which are only awarded once specific quests or activities have been completed. These are as follows:

  • Feast of Deception: Awarded by Commander Brant in Vernworth after attending your coronation, part of a quest chain starting with “The Caged Magistrate.”
  • A Trial of Archery: Given upon completing a quest chain starting in Vernworth’s marketplace, leading to the settlement of the Elves.
  • Sphinx Riddle of Madness and Riddle of Conviction: Two Portcrystals can be obtained by solving the Sphinx’s riddles, with one duplicable through the riddle solution.
  • Griffin’s Nest in the Misty Marshes: Located in a dense fog area filled with undead, accessible from Harve Village or Checkpoint Rest Town.
  • The Dragonforged: Available for purchase from the Dragonforged in exchange for Wyrmslife Crystals during the “Flickering Shadows” quest.

Recommended Locations for Reusable Portcrystals

Once you’ve acquired a reusable portcrystal, here are some recommended locations we think make sense to place them:

  • Bakbattahl: Since it lacks a permanent Portcrystal and is a significant location.
  • Sacred Arbor: Useful for quests involving elven characters.
  • Sphinx Shrines: Advisable to move a Portcrystal between the two shrines as needed.
  • Agamen Volcanic Island: Home to various points of interest and master trainers.

Duplication of Portcrystals and Ferrystones

Now, we know what you’re thinking: since the game features an NPC, Ibrahim in Checkpoint Rest Town, who can create forgeries of items, surely you can create duplicates, right? Well, yes, that’s true. However, forged Portcrystals and Ferrystones are non-functional. They won’t actually work so there’s no point in wasting your time.


Time for a quick word on Ferrystones. These are essential for activating Portcrystals. They are relatively rare, especially in the early stages of the game, so use them wisely. They are consumed upon use, transporting the player to a previously unlocked or placed Portcrystal, so only use them for essential travel.

You can actually purchase ferrystones. The cost typically hovers around 10,000 gold each. However, regular customers may receive a slight discount from vendors. Every major settlement houses at least one store offering Ferrystones, and you might also encounter traveling merchants or certain key NPCs who have Ferrystones available for sale or exchange.

Use our interactive map page to locate ferrystones.

Wagon Carts Fast Travel

Wagon Carts are the most accessible fast travel method, found in major cities and some smaller towns that have connecting routes. Notably, Vernworth and Battahl each host two Wagon Carts. Here’s how to use them:

  • Approach the carriage driver in any city offering Wagon Cart services.
  • Pay the travel fee, typically between 100 and 200 gold.
  • Choose whether to stay awake for the journey or sleep. Beware, sleeping may lead to attacks that you must fend off.


Rather unfortunately, Capcom introduced the option to purchase Portcrystals via microtransactions at $2.99 USD each. This has sparked debate among players about the ethics of selling fast travel options. While this allows for immediate access to fast travel, it’s encouraged to explore and discover Portcrystals in the game world for a more rewarding experience.

That wraps up every way to fast travel in Dragon’s Dogma 2, including portcrystal locations, Ferrystones, and the trusty old wagon cart. Do note there are mods that make fast travel much easier.