dragon's dogma 2 secrets and hidden items

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As you’d expect from such an enormous open-world map, Dragon’s Dogma 2 hides all sorts of secrets that are very easy to miss. Here we’ll be running through some early-game hidden weapons, armor, and items that you can snag right from the start of the game.

Hidden Weapons, Armor, & Items in Dragon’s Dogma 2 (Early Game Secrets)

Waterfall Cave’s Treasures

dragon's dogma 2 secret item
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Near the Border Watch Outpost, there’s a cave hidden behind a waterfall which houses some secrets worth venturing inside for. You’ll encounter enemies guarding precious items like Fairy Stones and a Wake Stone. Also, Seeker Tokens and a handy Onyx can be found here, with the latter being perfect for a nice sum of money.

Spell Books and the Pelt Flares: Further into the cave you’ll also find Pelt Flares, a great upgrade for the thief vocation. There’s also a Wight who you can defeat and possibly get the Eminent Coat as a drop, which boosts mage defenses. This area also contains several spell books, acting as instant, no-cost spells for any vocation.

Notable Finds East of Border Watch

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Soft Neck Wrap: Heading east from the Border Watch Outpost to a place known as the Gathering of the Beasts is where you’ll find our next Dragon’s Dogma 2 secret in the form of plentiful spell books. Super useful if you’re playing a Mage build during this early portion of the game.

Cavern of the Faken’s Hidden Gems

Dragon's Dogma 2 hidden weapons
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Scale Band and Ring of Exaltation: In this cave, defeat the ogre to obtain the Scale Band, which is a big boon for the Mage and Thief vocations. Also, the Ring of Exaltation which boosts your maximum health.

Mel’s Tower Treasures

Fluted Bow and More: In Mel, a tower hides the Fluted Bow (third floor), an excellent find for archers. From there, turn around and out of the tower through a crack in the wall, down the ladder, and over to the roof of Ulrika’s house to discover spell books.

Vermund Hidden Treasures

Silver Rapier: There are a bunch of hidden treasures in Vermund, including the Silver Rapier. This is found in the bell tower. In the chests located at the top there are also Fairy Stones and the Savant’s Boots, which are good upgrades for Mages. From there, you can actually drop down onto a nearby roof/balcony to locate the Throat Cutters in a box.

Vermund Tower

Dragon's dogma 2 hidden armor
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Leave Vermund and go to the tower highlighted above. Climb to the very top and you’ll be confronted by some harpies. Take them out, but the real prize is the Ring of Awareness. It’s located in a chest. The item is awesome for staving off sleep. It’s awesome for fighting harpies!

Misty Marshes Secret Weapon

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Fighter’s Mace: In the west of Vermund lies the Misty Marshes. This is a pretty dangerous location so be prepared for fights against various gouls and ghosts. If you head to the spot above you’ll come across the Bane of Bones, an awesome mace for combating skeletons. The item’s pricise location is in an abandoned home within a deserted village. There are a few more chests scattered about this area worth seeking out.

We hope this guide helps you discover some of the hidden secrets within Dragon’s Dogma 2‘s early game to get your adventure off on the right foot!