how to get shikai in Type Soul

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Mastering Shikai.

Following April’s big update, getting Shikai in Type Soul is a milestone every Soul Reaper is apparently rushing to complete. But doing so isn’t easy; unlocking Shikai is a bit difficult to understand, and beating the boss is no cakewalk. So, this guide not only walks you through it all. Let’s get started.

Getting Shikai in Type Soul, Explained

The journey to awaken your Shikai begins once you’ve ascended to Grade 2. Here’s a step-by-step approach:

  1. Head to Soul Society: Your adventure continues in the serene but pivotal Soul Society. It’s here that your path to Shikai unfolds.
  2. Start Meditating: Press ‘M’ to meditate. Don’t fret if you see a message saying “not enough Shikai EXP”; this is part of the process.
  3. Meditation Duration: Sit tight for about 5 to 7 minutes. Your character will automatically stand up, signaling it’s time to press ‘M’ again and repeat the meditation process. You’ll need to do this three times in total.
  4. Facing Death: Despite completing your meditation sessions, the “not enough Shikai EXP” message might persist. The solution? You need to die. Yes, allowing another player to defeat you is necessary. Following your defeat, you’ll find yourself transported to your realm to face the Shikai boss.

How to Beat Shikai

shikai boss fight
Image source: Roblox Corp.

The strategy to beat the Shikai boss remains consistent, albeit with a few tweaks to ensure victory, especially if the boss battle is bugged. Here’s how to approach the fight:

  • Initial Strikes: At the fight’s onset, land as many hits as possible. Quickly engage the boss and capitalize on the initial moments to deal damage.
  • Employ Flash Step and Crits: When the boss attempts to parry, use flash step to create distance, then use your crit (‘R’ key) strategically to guard break and deal big damage.
  • Rinse and Repeat: Continue with this tactic—guard break with a crit, follow up with an M1 strike, then immediately flash step back to safety. This method minimizes risk and maximizes damage output.
  • Observation and Adaptation: Watch for the boss’s parry after a guard break. Typically, after successfully landing a hit post-guard break, the boss will parry your next move. To play it safe, deliver a single M1 strike after a guard break, then step back and prepare your next crit.
  • Final Push: Maintain this pattern, and eventually, the boss will falter, granting you your Shikai.

Unlocking and mastering your Shikai in Roblox Type Soul shouldn’t prove too difficult if you follow our steps, and get a little bit of luck that the boss doesn’t spawn with a powerful weapon. Hopefully, this helped you! If you’re looking for a helping hand, check out our code guide.