best dragon's dogma 2 mods

Image source: Capcom

Even more epic.

Capcom’s awesome sequel, Dragon’s Dogma 2, has only been out for a short while, but already the talented modding community has been hard at work. For those playing on PC, here we’ll be listing the best Dragon’s Dogma 2 mods you can (and should) install now. We’ll be keeping this article updated over time with the latest and greatest.

Field of View Increase

dragon's dogma 2 mod for field of view increase
Image source: Capcom

Bit of a basic one here to start off with, but increasing field of view is something that most PC players typically appreciate. Particularly so when the standard settings leave much to be desired in this respect. Thankfully, luizcaza is here to solve the issue with an easy-to-install mod that sorts the problem without fuss.

DD2 Save Manager

dragons dogma mods
Image source: Lennard Fonteijn

If you’re finding the whole save game fiasco with Dragon’s Dogma 2 bothersome then you’re in luck! There’s a mod that makes saving multiple playthroughs easy; no more faffing around with deleting cloud saves or locating the file save file location. It’s all in a simple format that allows you to set them as active as you play the game, virtually giving you infinite save slots.

Crazy’s Shop

Dragon's Dogma 2 shop mod
Image source: Capcom

Just to make your life so much easier, this Dragon’s Dogma 2 shop mod adds x255 Elite & Explorer Camp Kit, Wakestones, Rift Cystals, Farrystones, Beetles and more to the first shop in Vernworth. Well worth the download!

A Smallman’s Height Mod

Image source: Capcom

What’s up with no love for short king’s, Capcom! If you’ve ever wanted to role-play a dwarf in Dragon’s Dogma 2 then you’ll have been asking the very same question. There’s no option to reduce height as much as necessary, which is why this smallman’s height mod is very welcome, indeed.

No Job Requirements

Image source: Capcom

While the vocation system is all part of what makes Dragon’s Dogma 2 a unique gameplay experience, it does limit what weapons and armor your characters can use. No longer! Thanks to this mod by LordGregory any weapon/armor is equippable regardless of which job they’re assigned to. It’s worth noting that not all the skills will be available to you; only the weapon’s basic attacks.

That wraps up our list of best Dragon’s Dogma 2 mods, but as we mentioned earlier we’ll be keeping this article fresh and updated over time.