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Like many other games in recent memory, Square Enix’s new RPG features a canine companion. Torgal, a faithful dog, is Clive Rosfield’s best friend, and their bond is rather sweet. Naturally, then, players are eager to know whether Torgal dies in Final Fantasy 16 so here’s what you need to know about if the dog dies.

Editor’s note: Story spoilers follow.

Does Torgal the Dog Die in Final Fantasy 16? Explained

Rest assured, Torgal does not die Final Fantasy 16. Producer Naoki Yoshida has confirmed that while some party members may come and go, Torgal is an exception to this rule. Clive’s loyal pet wolf remains by his side from the beginning to the end of the game.

This outcome is to be expected, considering Torgal’s crucial role in the game’s combat mechanics. Although players cannot directly control him, they can issue commands to Torgal. By pressing the Left D-Pad button on the DualSense controller, Clive can give Torgal three different commands.

All Torgal Abilities Explained

In case you aren’t up to speed, here’s an overview:

  • Up D-pad: “Sic” command, instructing Torgal to bite an enemy and inflict minor damage.
  • Right D-Pad: “Healing” command, allowing Torgal to restore Clive’s depleted HP bar.
  • Bottom D-Pad: “Ravage” command, enabling Torgal to unleash a devastating attack on an enemy.

So, Final Fantasy 16 players and animal lovers alike can take solace in knowing that Torgal will survive the game. However, it’s important to note that Clive and the other party members obviously remain susceptible to danger in battles. Be sure to have healing abilities available to prevent their demise.

Interestingly, Torgal is not the first canine character with a close connection to a main character in the Final Fantasy series. Final Fantasy 6 features Interceptor, a faithful companion who shields Shadow from harm during battles. In Final Fantasy 8, Rinoa Heartilly owns a dog named Angelo, who appears in her Limit Break. Lastly, who could forget Nanaki, also known as Red XIII, from Final Fantasy 7?

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Final Fantasy 16 is exclusively available on the PlayStation 5 platform.