Iron Lung indie horror game

Image source: Dread XP


The indie horror game Iron Lung has experienced a surge in sales following the tragic loss of the OceanGate submarine Titan during its exploration of the Titanic wreckage. Developer David Szymanski expressed his unease with these unforeseen events through a social media platform.

The OceanGate submarine Titan, tasked with examining the depths of the Titanic wreckage at approximately 4,000 meters, met with a tragic fate at sea. The vessel, designed for underwater surveys and accommodating a crew of five, lost all communication with its support ship less than two hours after its descent on Sunday, June 18. The vessel has since been declared lost with all hands onboard following an implosion of its hull.

The news of the submarine’s distress spread rapidly across various social media platforms, resulting in a surge of interest in Iron Lung. In response to the sudden increase in sales, David Szymanski, the sole developer responsible for Iron Lung, shared a sales chart screenshot accompanied by a poignant statement: “This feels so wrong.” Evidently, he was alluding to the disconcerting correlation between the rise in game sales and the real-life circumstances surrounding Titan.

At its launch, Iron Lung received praise from content creators for its captivating atmosphere. Players assume the role of a submarine pilot navigating a nightmarish, blood-infused ocean on an otherworldly moon, which, in an eerie manner, draws parallels to the ongoing unfortunate events involving the OceanGate submarine.

Szymanski revealed that he deliberately designed Iron Lung to be a terrifying experience, akin to other successful horror games, pushing the boundaries of horror to their limits. Nevertheless, the realization that real individuals were confronted with such dire circumstances deeply unsettled him. Regardless of how it came to pass, this impossibly unfortunate situation should never have occurred.