Crimson Desert Gamescom 23 Showcase

Image source: Pearl Abyss

At last.

It’s been a long time since we’ve heard anything about Crimson Desert, the visually stunning open-world adventure that made its debut at The Game Awards in 2020. Its original showcase depicted an almost Tolkein-like fantasy world with superb graphics that were so spectacular it prompted speculation about whether the showcased gameplay was indeed genuine.

Six months later, developer Pearl Abyss delayed its launch, citing a desire to introduce “fresh concepts for a more profound and immersive gaming experience.”

Crimson Desert Is Making a Gamescom Comeback

Updates on Crimson Desert have been scarce since then, but now we finally have some positive news. It’s making a comeback, and very soon. Over the past day or so, persistent rumors have been validated by Geoff Keighley, the host of Gamescom Opening Night Live. Keighley confirmed that the game will resurface during the forthcoming week’s event, offering a “completely new perspective on gameplay.”

Certainly, the need for substantial faith in Crimson Desert is palpable. So often we’re shown captivating trailers and gameplay snippets for various projects, only for them to be either downgraded or canceled entirely. Let’s hope Crimson Desert doesn’t suffer the same fate.

In other Gamescom-related news, Geoff Keighley has state this year’s Opening Night Live showcase will focus on update for existing projects rather than the announcement of all-new ones. Today’s information about Crimson Desert certainly falls under that category, as does the expected showcase of Starfield.