Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 trailer reveal

Image source: Activision

Big hype.

Activision has finally unveiled its plans for the next Call of Duty experience, and it’s yet another entry in the Modern Warfare saga. MW3 is getting a full reboot, and it will introduce a bunch of new features and gameplay modes to what is already a very robust Modern Warfare 2 package.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Gameplay Reveal & Details

As you can see, we’re in for another thrilling campaign that will introduce Makarov as a returning villain (from the original saga), as well as some new multiplayer modes like Zomies. Here’s the full breakdown from Activision:

  • Developed by Sledgehammer Games, in partnership with Infinity Ward, the action-packed new Campaign experience marks the return of infamous villain Makarov, challenging Task 141 to fight like never before.
  • In addition to signature, cinematic Call of Duty Campaign missions, Modern Warfare III introduces Open Combat Missions, a new innovation that empowers player decisions like never before.
  • A massive day one Multiplayer offering, with all 16 maps from the original Modern Warfare 2 (2009), modernized with new modes, mechanics, and gameplay, including three brand-new Battle Maps and the return of War Mode!
  • Developed by Treyarch, players can team up with other squads to fight hordes of the undead in the first-ever Modern Warfare Zombies experience, featuring a host of secrets to discover in an all-new open world Zombies set on the largest Call of Duty Zombies map ever.
  • An all-new innovation for the franchise, players can carry-forward a vast amount of content, inventories, and weapon progression from last year’s Modern Warfare II into Modern Warfare III on day one.

As a reminder, despite Activision now being owned by Microsoft, it is actually PlayStation that will receive the MW3 demo first. Until then, check out our wrap-up of the best sniper rifles in MW2 & Warzone.