best Enshrouded farming locations

Image source: Keen Games via We Game Daily

Pickaxe at the ready.

You won’t get far in Enshrouded if you don’t gather resources to craft gear and other essential items. Particularly in the later stages of the game, the need for specific rare resources increases. This guide details the best Enshrouded item farming locations, specifically in relation to mid and endgame items. If you’re after a more comprehensive guide of all resources and locations, check out our guide here.

Best Enshrouded Mid & End Game Item Farming Locations

Amber and Essential Minerals

Starting with Amber, a resource many players find elusive, start at the Revelwood Ancient Spire . From here, glide northeast into the Shroud to discover abundant Amber deposits. This area, along with the northern edges of the same shroud system, offers ample Amber for your crafting needs. Additionally, the Mining Rift, southeast of the capital, is a treasure trove for Tin Ore. Protected by boxsters, this cave requires a bit of combat before you can reap the mineral rewards.

Water Wells and Fluid Resources

Water, a seemingly simple resource, is crucial for numerous crafting recipes. To speed up collection, interact with water wells, scooping up to five units at a time. Relocating the well allows for an instant reset, enabling continuous water collection. This trick is invaluable for maintaining a steady supply of this essential resource.

The Nomad Highlands: A Resource Haven

The Nomad Highlands, accessible via the Pillars of Creation, is rich in diverse resources. Here, you can find everything from Straw at the Bounty Barn to Ammonia Glands from specific mobs. Notably, the Umber Hollow is an excellent spot for Mint Mushroom Meat, visible at night by their distinct glow. This area also serves as a hunting ground for Fireflies, providing a serene yet resourceful night-time activity.

Rare Plants and Crafting Ingredients

For those in pursuit of specific plants like Sage and Indigo, the areas surrounding the Revelwood Ancient Spire are your go-to locations. Sage, in particular, is found in the lush pastures southeast of the Spire, while Indigo plants are scattered throughout the fields, offering vital crafting materials.

Fossilized Bones and Twilight Hunting

The Kindle Waste is a tough region rife with Fossilized Bones, which are integral for crafting advanced arrows. Nightfall in this desert unveils the opportunity to hunt birds for Feathers and Raw Bird Meat, useful for a variety of crafting needs. Additionally, the desert’s palm trees yield Yuca Fruit, a stamina-boosting consumable perfect for long expeditions.

Advanced Materials: Tin, Iron, and Fabrics

Advancing to the creation of Tin and Iron bars requires a visit to the Ridgeback Mine and other mining areas within the Kindle Waste. Here, alongside battling the local fauna, players can mine for Iron Ore, a cornerstone for high-tier weapons and tools. Furthermore, the crafting of Fabrics and Colored Fabrics requires a steady supply of Flax, Salt, and specific dyes obtained from plants and minerals scattered across the realms.

In summary, acquiring rarer resources in Enshrouded is essential if you want to progress through the game’s later stages. In this guide of the best Enshrouded item farming locations, we’ve focused on items you’ll specifically need in the mid and endgame. From the glowing depths of Umber Hollow to the mineral-rich caves of Kindle Waste, each location offers a unique bounty waiting to be discovered. By following this guide, you shouldn’t have any trouble farming the resources you need. But if you’re still having trouble, why not check out the interactive map for more help. Happy hunting!