wee pincer locations in granblue fantasy relink

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Sneaky critters!

In Granblue Fantasy Relink, tiny creatures known as Wee Pincers are spread throughout the game’s various chapters. These crustaceans are integral to earning certain trophies and achievements in the game. In this guide, we’ll detail all Wee Pincer locations in Granblue Fantasy Relink.

As alluded to above, collecting Wee Pincers serves two main purposes: Firstly, it unlocks two achievements: Crabs Are Neat and Nothing Is Impossible! Secondly, collecting these critters triggers a series of 15 side quests offered by ‘Lil Pince’ in Folca.

Wee Pincer Locations in Granblue Fantasy Relink by Chapter

Let’s explore each chapter individually and highly every Wee Pincer location.

Chapter 1: Unearthing the Lone Wee Pincer

Wee Pincer 1 – You will find the first Wee Pincer perched on a cliff in the initial area of the chapter.

Chapter 2: Discovering Seven Wee Pincers

This chapter houses seven Wee Pincers, each hidden in different locations:

  1. Wee Pincer 2 – This one is located at the cave entrance, right after disembarking from the ship.
  2. Wee Pincer 3 – A short distance from the previous pincer, this one sits on a wooden ledge on the island.
  3. Wee Pincer 4 – After rescuing the first group of islanders, you’ll find this one on a fence-adjacent ledge.
  4. Wee Pincer 5 – Look near the aflame houses where islanders are rescued.
  5. Wee Pincer 6 – This one resides on a rock ledge between both groups of islanders you need to save.
  6. Wee Pincer 7 – Located behind a broken cart opposite Siero at the entrance of Zeghard Fortress.
  7. Wee Pincer 8 – Find this one in the left area right before your encounter with the Greatshield Madbeat.

Chapter 3: Finding Three Wee Pincers

This chapter contains three Wee Pincers:

  1. Wee Pincer 9 – Positioned at the corner of the bridge after the first unskippable cutscene.
  2. Wee Pincer 10 – Found at the end of the small island area, after defeating the enemies.
  3. Wee Pincer 11 – Located next to the Shrouded Chest on the ledge upon entering the cave.

Chapter 4: Locating the Singular Wee Pincer

Wee Pincer 12 – When boarding the enemy ships to destroy the core, this pincer is tucked away behind a wall on the first ship.

Chapter 5: Tracking Down Six Wee Pincers

This chapter is home to six Wee Pincers:

  1. Wee Pincer 13 – Found in the corner of the map after fighting the first wave of Frosty Bones.
  2. Wee Pincer 14 – A short distance from the previous one, this pincer is up a ledge in a corner.
  3. Wee Pincer 15 – Before reaching the bridge, head left to find this pincer under a ledge.
  4. Wee Pincer 16 – After Historiath opens the gate, this pincer is located atop a tall tower in the next area.
  5. Wee Pincer 17 – Found on a rock formation just outside the second door that Historiath opens.
  6. Wee Pincer 18 – Positioned after the Scarmiglione boss, in a room filled with chests. Break the ice in the left corner.

Chapter 6: Spotting Nine Wee Pincers

This chapter has nine Wee Pincers:

  1. Wee Pincer 19 – Found on the edge of a log right when you arrive in Dahli Relicbelt.
  2. Wee Pincer 20 – Located on top of the pillar in the first area of Dahli Relicbelt.
  3. Wee Pincer 21 – On the second level of the broken tower in the tomb on the left side.
  4. Wee Pincer 22 – Positioned on top of a broken structure as soon as you open the gate.
  5. Wee Pincer 23 – Hidden in a crack in the wall at the very back of the map in the area to the left of where you fight Garasene.
  6. Wee Pincer 24 – Located behind a structure to the northwest of the center.
  7. Wee Pincer 25 – Near the Golem boss on a rock near the debris.
  8. Wee Pincer 26 – Near Garasene plateau on a pillar.
  9. Wee Pincer 27 – Near the Griffin plateau, on a ledge in the rocky area.

Chapter 7: Uncovering Three Wee Pincers

Chapter 7 hides three Wee Pincers:

  1. Wee Pincer 28 – Found on a rock floating in the lava at the start of the chapter.
  2. Wee Pincer 29 – After jumping down the first ledge in the second area, turn around to find it against the wall.
  3. Wee Pincer 30 – Located on a small lower ledge just before the chase ends.

Chapter 8: Finding Five Wee Pincers

Chapter 8 contains five Wee Pincers:

  1. Wee Pincer 31 – Hidden under a chair towards the end of the first corridor of Seedhollow Castle.
  2. Wee Pincer 32 – Right after exiting the first door at the end of the corridor in the Castle, it’s in a corner before you fight the enemies.
  3. Wee Pincer 33 – Down the left corridor near the rubble after defeating the enemies and entering the castle again.
  4. Wee Pincer 34 – Behind the Omen Stone on the rubble after the Tayu’itar Fight.
  5. Wee Pincer 35 – Inside the fountain at the bottom of the castle after defeating Magnolia.

Chapter 9: Discovering Six Wee Pincers

Chapter 9 houses six Wee Pincers:

  1. Wee Pincer 36 – Found atop a broken structure near where you spawn in.
  2. Wee Pincer 37 – Down from the shrouded chest in a corner after defeating Furycane Nihilla.
  3. Wee Pincer 38 – On a broken structure opposite the Gold Chest, after defeating Managarmr Nihilla.
  4. Wee Pincer 39 – As you are running towards the top of the pillar with rising water, it’s on the right side.
  5. Wee Pincer 40 – Located on the floor where you fought Vulkan Bolla Nihilla.
  6. Wee Pincer 41 – Found on a rock as you are climbing towards the pillar not too far after the last one.

Chapter Ø: Collecting Four Wee Pincers

The final chapter, Chapter Ø, contains four Wee Pincers:

  1. Wee Pincer 42 – Hidden behind a pillar at the very end of the right pathway while Searching for the Stolen Goods.
  2. Wee Pincer 43 – Not too far after the last one near a Shrouded Chest hidden in some grass.
  3. Wee Pincer 44 – Located at the start of the Pillar of Vayoi where you spawn in.
  4. Wee Pincer 45 – On a ledge near the rock wall as you move further up towards the pillar.

So there you have it, every Wee Pincer in Granblue Fantasy Relink. It’s important to note that these collectibles are never missed. They remain accessible through the Chapter Select feature even after you complete the story. Anyway, if you need help with who are the best characters in the game we’ve also got you covered.