jest deserts challenge in bitlife

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Challenges are all part of the fun when playing BitLife, and there’s one that tasks you with living the life of a character who seems to be attracted to chaos and married men. If that sounds like your kind of gig then let’s transform your BitLife character from a single mother to a notorious black widow! Here’s how to complete the Just Desserts challenge in BitLife.

Completing the BitLife Just Desserts Challenge

The challenge comprises five main tasks:

  1. Be born as a female character.
  2. Have children with at least two married men.
  3. Engage in a romantic liaison with at least two baby daddies.
  4. Tie the knot with one of your baby daddies.
  5. Commit the heinous act of murdering your baby daddy-husband and preserve his body through taxidermy.

Let’s delve deeper into each of these tasks and explore how to complete them all.

Task 1: Being Born as a Female

The first task in the Just Desserts Challenge is straightforward. You need to start your BitLife journey as a female character. Irrespective of the location or hometown, you can commence your challenge by creating a new life and choosing ‘Female’ as your gender.

Task 2: Having Children with Married Men

Once you have your female character, the real challenge begins. You need to have children with at least two different married men. To achieve this, navigate to the ‘Activities’ section and select the ‘Love’ option. From the ‘Love’ menu, select ‘Hook Up’ and keep refreshing your options until you find a married man.

Accept his advancements and avoid using protection. If you successfully get pregnant, you can have the baby by simply aging up. Repeat this process until you have children with two different married men.

Keep in mind that after the age of 40, the chances of your character hitting menopause increase, reducing the chances of having children. So, ensure to complete this task before your character reaches 40.

Task 3: Hooking Up with Baby Daddies

After having children, you will notice the fathers of your children are now listed as ‘Baby Daddies’ under the ‘Exes’ tab. To complete the third task, you need to hook up with at least two of these baby daddies.

To do this, go to ‘Relationships’ and select each baby daddy and offer to hook up with them. If they reject your offer, try again after building up your relationship with them.

Task 4: Marrying a Baby Daddy

Once you successfully hook up with two baby daddies, it’s time to settle down with one of them. However, if the chosen baby daddy is still married, you’ll need to ensure his divorce. To do this, confess to his wife about your affair.

Post-divorce, build up your relationship with your baby daddy until you get the option to propose. After a successful proposal, plan your wedding to complete this task.

Task 5: Murder and Taxidermy Your Husband

After you’re married, the most daunting task awaits – murdering your husband and preserving his body through taxidermy. Navigate to the ‘Activities’ tab and select the ‘Crime’ menu. From there, choose the ‘Murder’ option and select your husband as the victim.

After his death, you need to plan his funeral. Instead of choosing regular options like burial or cremation, opt for taxidermy. Remember, this option is available only to spouses or family members, reinforcing the need to marry one of your baby daddies.

With this, you will have successfully completed the Just Desserts Challenge in BitLife. What a ride, huh! If you’re after more similar guides we’ve got one about a certain anime challenge you can check out.