cyberpunk 2077 2.1 update

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Best of the best.

Following Cyberpunk 2077‘s big 2.0 overhaul and then subsequent improvements (now Update 2.12), the meta of the game’s best builds has shifted. Whether you’re a seasoned Cyberpunk veteran or a newcomer to the dystopian world, it’s time to create your ultimate character build and conquer Night City in style. In this guide, we’ll delve into the best builds for Cyberpunk 2077 Update 2.12, which now features several new options that make sense following the game’s most recent patch.

Best Ninja Build

Image source: CD Projekt Red

If speed and stealth are your preferred playstyle when it comes to Cyberpunk 2077 builds, Ninja is the way to go. This build allows you to swiftly dispatch enemies, using your agility and reflexes to strike with deadly precision. With the new stealth skills and reflex attributes introduced in Update 2.0, you can unleash your inner samurai and become a true master of close-quarters combat.

To create a Ninja build for Update 2.12, allocate your attribute points as follows:

  • 10 points in Body,
  • 20 points in Reflexes,
  • 10 points in Technical Ability,
  • 12 points in Intelligence,
  • 20 points in Cool.

This distribution will maximize your speed, agility, and stealth capabilities.

When it comes to perks, prioritize Dash, Slaughterhouse, Lead and Steel, Opportunist, Tailwind, Sharpshooter, Killer Instinct, Ninjutsu, Vanishing Act, and Style over Substance. These perks will enhance your movement, weapon handling, and stealth abilities, making you an elusive and deadly opponent.

For cyberware, we recommend Kerenzikov, Microrotors, and Arasaka Mk. 4 (for quickhacks) or QianT “Warp Dancer” Sandevistan Mk.5 (for slowing time). These cyberware enhancements will further enhance your speed and reflexes, allowing you to maneuver through combat with ease.

In terms of weapons, we recommend the Errata Thermal Katana, Seraph Pistol with a suppressor, and the Psalm 11:6 Assault Rifle with a suppressor. These weapons will complement your swift and silent approach, ensuring that your enemies never see you coming.

Note that we also have a list of the best katanas in the game, which combos quite nicely with this particular build style. You can also read about the best pistols too.

Best Stealth Build

best stealth build
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This stealth build guide emphasizes a balanced approach to stealth and combat, enabling players to effectively engage enemies silently or confrontationally with tailored cyberware, weapons, and quick hacks. It’s a comprehensive strategy for dominating in Cyberpunk 2.12, designed for a broad range of playstyles and player experience levels.

Core Attributes and Perks:

  • Intelligence and Cool are primary attributes. Focus on leveling these first.
  • In Intelligence, essential perks include Overclock (for using health instead of RAM for quick hacks when out of RAM) and perks that reduce traceability and enhance quick hack survivability.
  • In Cool, key perks are Gag Order (delaying enemy alerts after damage) and abilities that decrease detection and increase speed in stealth mode. Perks for pistol efficiency, such as Focus and Dead Eye, are critical, enhancing aiming and hip-fire accuracy.


  • Essential cyberware includes memory boosters, RAM upgrades, and the COX2 Cyber Somatic Optimizer for crit quick hacks.
  • Visual Cortex Support and Optical Camo are recommended for increased crit chance and improved stealth.
  • Reinforced Tendons (for double jump) and cyber decks like Aras MK5 are optimal for this build.


  • Silenced pistols, specifically Death and Taxes, are recommended for their high damage and the ability to quickly eliminate enemies.
  • Alternatives include Menella (revolver with high headshot damage) and Serpico (good for leveling).

Quick Hacks:

  • System Collapse and Synapse Burnout for damage.
  • Sonic Shock and Memory Wipe for crowd control and setup for easy takedowns.

Gameplay Strategy:

  • Use silenced pistols to one-tap regular enemies and quick hacks or takedowns for elites.
  • Combos like Sonic Shock followed by Synapse Burnout, or Memory Wipe for stealth takedowns are effective.
  • The build is designed to handle traceability challenges and provides a versatile approach to combat and stealth scenarios.

Leveling Tips:

  • Start by investing points into Cool and Intelligence, then Technical Ability, and finally Reflexes for mobility perks.
  • Focus on perks that enhance quick hack efficiency and stealth pistol damage early on.
  • Collect perk shards, upgrade skills and iconic weapons, and prioritize cyber deck enhancements.

Best Solo Build

Image source: CD Projekt Red

If you prefer a no-nonsense approach to combat, the Solo build is perfect for you. This build allows you to unleash devastating damage with heavy melee weapons and firearms, making you a formidable opponent in any situation. With the enhancements introduced in Update 2.0 and the quality-of-life changes in Update 2.12, melee builds have received a substantial buff, making them even more powerful and satisfying to play.

To create a Solo build for Update 2.1, you’ll want to focus on distributing your attribute points effectively. Allocate:

  • 20 points each to Body, Reflexes, and Technical Ability,
  • 11 points in Intelligence,
  • 9 points in Cool.

This distribution will maximize your damage output and survivability.

When it comes to perks, prioritize Rip and Tear, Onslaught, Pain to Gain, Quake, Wrecking Ball, Adrenaline Rush, Painkiller, Die-Die-Die!, and Spontaneous Obliteration. These perks will enhance your melee and ranged attacks, allowing you to decimate your enemies with ease.

For cyberware, equip Gorilla Arms, BioDyne Berserk, and Titanium Bones. These enhancements will further augment your strength and durability, making you an unstoppable force on the streets of Night City.

In terms of weapons, we recommend Sasquatch’s Hammer, Gold Plated Baseball Bat, and the Budget Arms Carnage Shotgun. These weapons pack a punch and will help you dispatch enemies quickly and efficiently.

Best Netrunner Build

Image source: CD Projekt Red

If you prefer to stay in the shadows and hack your way to victory, the Netrunner build is perfect for you. This build focuses on utilizing your hacking skills to incapacitate enemies from a distance, making you a formidable force in cyberspace. With the ability to control vehicles and use them as weapons, as well as the new Feen-X Cyberware introduced in Update 2.1, the Netrunner build has become even more versatile and powerful.

To create a Netrunner build for Cyberpunk 2077 Update 2.1, allocate your attribute points as follows:

  • 16 points in Body,
  • 20 points in Reflexes,
  • 20 points in Technical Ability,
  • 20 points in Intelligence,
  • 5 points in Cool.

This distribution will maximize your hacking abilities and allow you to manipulate the world around you.

When it comes to perks, prioritize Edgerunner, License to Chrome, All Things Cyber, Hack Queue, Queue Mastery, Embedded Exploit, Overclock, Carhacker, and Dash. These perks will enhance your hacking skills and allow you to control multiple targets at once.

For cyberware, we recommend NetWatch Netdriver Mk.5, Smart Link, Monowire, Lynx Paws, Microrotors, Synaptic Accelerator, Self ICE, and RAM Upgrade. These cyberware enhancements will enhance your hacking capabilities and provide you with additional tools to manipulate the digital world.

In terms of weapons, we recommend the Errata Thermal Katana, Divided We Stand Assault Rifle, Nekomata Sniper Rifle, Kongou Pistol, and Prototype: Shingen Mark V SMG. These weapons will allow you to dispatch enemies both in the physical world and in cyberspace.

Best Rebecca Shotgun Build

Image source: Netflix

Update 2.1 has buffed shotguns and tech weapons, making certain character builds more viable and powerful. Among these is Rebecca’s build, which capitalizes on the strengths of shotguns and tech weapons, aligning perfectly with the enhancements introduced in the update.

Rebecca’s character in the Netflix adaptation of Cyberpunk 2077 is renowned for her proficiency with various weapons, particularly shotguns, and her minimal reliance on cyber upgrades for combat. This makes her an interesting and versatile character to emulate in the game.

The key to building Rebecca revolves around specific allocations in character points. Priority should be given to Body, Technical Ability, and Reflexes. The Body attribute, with a focus on Annihilation and Athletic perks, enhances shotgun and LMG effectiveness, allowing actions like shooting while sprinting and sliding. Reflex perks should be concentrated in the Assault category to improve skills with Assault Rifles and SMGs, reflecting Rebecca’s versatility in weapon usage.

In terms of Cool perks, Ninjutsu and Cold Blood perks are advisable for adding damage to human enemies and increasing crit chances. The Technical Ability is crucial for crafting, particularly with the buff to tech weapons in Update 2.1. Perks like ‘Edgerunner Artisan’ and ‘Ubercharge’ are essential for maximizing the potential of tech weapons like the Satara Shotgun.

Cyberware choices should complement Rebecca’s combat style. Options like ‘Heal On Kill’, ‘Second Heart’, ‘Kerenzikov’, and ‘Maneuvering System’ enhance health recovery and combat agility. The Berserk Module, particularly the Militech Berserk MK.5 or MK.4, is recommended for increased survivability and weapon efficiency, especially on higher difficulty levels.

To create a Rebecca Shotgun build for Cyberpunk 2077 Update 2.1, allocate your attribute points as follows:

  • 8 points in Body,
  • 4 points in Reflexes,
  • 5 points in Technical Ability,
  • 2 points in Intelligence,
  • 2 points in Cool.

You can find out where to get Rebecca’s shotgun here.

David Martinez’s Edgerunner Build

Image source: Netflix

If you want to embrace your inner cyborg and become a true legend in Night City, the David Martinez’s Edgerunner build is for you. Inspired by the character from the Cyberpunk Edgerunners anime, this build allows you to harness the power of Sandevistan and unleash devastating attacks on your enemies. With the enhancements introduced in Update 2.0 and the new perks and attributes in Update 2.1, the Edgerunner build has become even more overpowered and awe-inspiring.

To create a David Martinez’s Edgerunner build for Update 2.1, allocate your attribute points as follows:

  • 20 points in Body,
  • 18 points in Reflexes,
  • 18 points in Technical Ability,
  • 5 points in Intelligence,
  • 20 points in Cool.

This distribution will maximize your combat prowess and allow you to withstand even the toughest opponents.

When it comes to perks, prioritize Edgerunner, License to Chrome, Pain to Gain, Rip and Tear, Air Dash, Nerves of Tungsten Steel, Run N Gun, and All Things Cyber. These perks will enhance your cybernetic abilities and make you a force to be reckoned with.

For cyberware, we recommend Zetatech Sandevistan, Gorilla Arms, Newton Module, Kiroshi “Cockatrice” Optics, Microrotors, Blood Pump, Dense Marrow, and Reinforced Tendons. These enhancements will further augment your strength, speed, and durability, allowing you to overpower your enemies with ease.

In terms of weapons, we recommend the M-10AF Lexington Pistol, DB-2 Satara Shotgun, O’Five Sniper Rifle, and Guts Shotgun. These weapons will provide you with a wide range of options for any combat situation.

With the best Cyberpunk 2077 builds for Update 2.12, you have the power to dominate Night City your own way. Whether you prefer a ruthless solo approach, a swift and silent ninja style, a cunning netrunner strategy, or a cybernetic legend, there should be a build here to suit.