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Slice and dice.

Cyberpunk 2077‘s Night City is a dangerous and chaotic place, filled with ruthless gangs weilding high-tech weaponry. But that doesn’t mean a good old fashioned blade doesn’t still have its place. Here we’ll explore the 5 best katanas in Cyberpunk 2077 tohelp you unleash your inner samurai. This article is still up to date as of the game’s most recent patch, update 2.12.

Best Cyberpunk 2077 Katanas, Explained

Katanas are deadly blades that can slice through enemies with ease, making them a favorite among those who prefer close-quarters combat. While there are numerous katanas to choose from in the game, we have narrowed down the top 5 that truly stand out in terms of power, unique abilities, and aesthetics. Later, we’ll also share our opinion on the best katana build in the game.


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Satori can be found towards the end of Act 1 during the mission “The Heist.” The Iconic Perk of Satori allows V to leap towards enemies, closing the gap swiftly. Additionally, V can perform a Quickdraw Attack while Satori is sheathed, inflicting bleeding on the target. If the enemy is already bleeding, they will suffer from Hemorrhage, which not only damages them but also restores health to V.


errata katana
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The Errata Thermal Katana is a unique weapon that was added with the 2.0 Update to Cyberpunk 2077. It is acquired early on in Act 2, inside the forge of the Electric Corporation power plant during the mission “Disasterpiece.” This katana is not only visually striking but also has powerful abilities.

Its Iconic Perk grants V an Armor Penetration bonus and a high chance to inflict burning on enemies. When an enemy is on fire, the chance of landing critical hits increases significantly, making it a devastating weapon in the right hands. We think so highly of this katana we’ve featured it on our select list of best melee weapons in Cyberpunk 2077.


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Jinchu-Maru is a blade suited for specific situations and is best utilized alongside another weapon. For instance, pairing it with Satori and Nehan can be quite effective. The rationale behind this is that while the former two are versatile and suitable for various scenarios, Jinchu-Maru excels in combat against groups of enemies.

After obtaining Jinchu-Maru from Sandayu Oda during the Play It Safe mission, V should promptly visit a Ripperdoc to install a Kerenzikov cyberware implant. When Kerenzikov activates, it triggers Jinchu-Maru’s modifier, boosting critical strike chance by 100%. This synergizes perfectly with a related Perk, where the final strike of any combo deals double damage.

To fully unleash its potential, V should adopt a glass cannon approach, as Jinchu-Maru will consistently deal twice the damage when attacking enemies with double V’s health. It’s a high-risk, high-reward weapon choice.


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The Scalpel is an iconic Tier 5 katana that is suitable for both beginners and experienced players. Its abilities are easy to learn but can be mastered to devastating effect. The Scalpel can be obtained as a reward for completing the “Big in Japan” quest. Its Iconic Perk provides V with an Armor Penetration bonus and a high chance to inflict shock on enemies. While a Sandevistan is active, the chance of landing critical hits increases by 50%, and each hit applies bleeding. With precise timing and strategy, the Scalpel can turn V into a lightning-fast samurai, cutting through enemies with ease.


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Tsumetogi is a level 5 iconic weapon that has the potential to transform you into a true bounty hunter when wielded with finesse. It gives you a tasty 25% boost to both armor penetration and shock chance. It’s worth highlighting that the weapon’s perk enhances its electrical damage and augments the likelihood of inflicting the Shock status effect. You can further elevate its damage output by employing unorthodox attack techniques.

Best Katana Build in Cyberpunk 2077 2.12

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While we’re at it, we might as well run you through our favorite build option when it comes to katanas in Cyberpunk. If you’re aiming to create the ultimate katana build in Cyberpunk 2077, prioritizing investments in the Reflexes tree is key. The right branch of this tree is tailor-made for blade enthusiasts, offering a range of perks that enhance V’s proficiency with katanas, enable impressive finisher moves, and even grant the ability to deflect incoming bullets. It’s time to become the shadowy assassin that instills fear in the hearts of Night City’s underworld. Here’s an example of how to invest your main skills:

Skill TreeSkill Name
Reflex (20)Slippery
Lead and Steel (2)
Dash (2)
Mad Dash
Seeing Double
Flash and Thunderclap
Finisher: Bladerunner (3)
Flash of Steel
Air Dash (3)
Body (15)Painkiller
Adrenaline Rush (3)

These are the key skills you should unlock to maximize the damage potential of katanas. While the listed perks are essential for leveling up, they should be prioritized as early as possible. Focus on Reflex skills to boost damage, and consider acquiring the Body perks listed for added survivability.

The overhauled skill system has removed the damage-boosting perks that previously enhanced katana lethality significantly. To compensate for this loss in burst damage, players will need to rely on stun, blind, and bleed effects to create opportunities for finishing moves. Executing a target instantly removes them from the battle while replenishing V’s health.

Achieving success with this build hinges on agility and aggression. Players must continually utilize dashing and blocking to maximize the effectiveness of the new katana playstyle in Cyberpunk 2077. Any remaining perk points can be invested in their preferred skills from other skill trees.

TL;DR Best Katana Build

Best Katana Build: Unleashing the full potential of your katana requires a carefully crafted build. By combining the right attributes, perks, and cyberware, you can create a katana build that excels in both offense and defense. Here’s our recommended best katana build:

Best Katana Choice:

  • Thermal Katana (Iconic Weapon): High damage and the ability to apply burn effects make it a top choice.
  • Scalpel (Iconic Weapon): Another great option, especially for its additional electrical damage.


  • Reflexes: Maximize this attribute to increase katana damage and critical hit chance.
  • Technical Ability: Invest in Technical Ability to unlock the crafting perks, allowing you to enhance your katana with powerful mods.
  • Cool: Cool helps improve your stealth and evasion, making you a deadly and elusive samurai.


  • Roaring Waters (Reflexes): Increases damage with blades, including katanas.
  • Sting Like a Bee (Reflexes): Boosts your attack speed with blades.
  • Cheat Death (Cool): Increases your chances of surviving fatal blows.
  • Nerves of Steel (Cool): Reduces weapon sway and increases headshot damage.


  • Kerenzikov: Slows down time when detected, giving you an advantage in combat.
  • Syn-Lungs: Increases stamina, allowing for longer fights and more powerful attacks.


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In Cyberpunk 2077 2.12, the katanas are absolutely one of the most entertaining weapons to use. They also look kickass. Enjoy slicing up your enemies.