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Hand canons.

Cyberpunk 2077 immerses players in a dystopian city where its mean streets have danger around every corner. No surprises, then, that you’ll want a trusty side-arm to deal with any goons looking to jump you! Pistols stand out as effective tools for both close-quarter combat and long-range engagements, and they’ve only been buffed in the game’s most recent update. Here we will explore the 5 best pistols in Cyberpunk 2077 2.1, detailing their unique features, damage output, and where to find them. This article has been updated following the launch of Update 2.1.

Her Majesty

One of the best pistols in Cyberpunk 2077 2.1 is Her Majesty. This stealth-oriented pistol comes equipped with a silencer, making it perfect for players who prefer a more covert approach. When combined with Optical Camo, Her Majesty grants additional advantages, ensuring accurate shots that deal critical damage to the enemy’s head. Its impressive stats include an attack speed of 2.86, damage of 49.58, and an effective range of 33. You can obtain Her Majesty during the “Get it Together” mission, where it is conveniently located in a metal case in a large weapons room.


The Archangel is a deadly and accurate pistol that many gamers adore. Its elegant design and high damage output make it a formidable weapon in any battle. With a headshot damage multiplier of +200% and an attack speed of 1.87, the Archangel ensures that your shots hit hard and accurately. You can acquire this powerful pistol as a reward after completing the “A Like Supreme” mission, given to you by Kerry. Its damage stat is an impressive 101.57, making it a force to be reckoned with in combat.


The Ogou pistol is a versatile weapon that excels at long distances. It is a smart pistol that automatically targets opponents with micro-projectiles, eliminating the need for precise aiming. With an attack speed of 3.33 and a damage stat of 24.53, the Ogou ensures that your shots hit their mark, even from a distance. This pistol can be obtained during the “Waiting for Dodger” mission in Phantom Liberty. By completing this mission and defeating Dodger, you can claim the Ogou from his corpse.

Bald Eagle

The Bald Eagle pistol is a unique and powerful weapon in Cyberpunk 2077 2.1. It shoots explosive projectiles, making it devastating against enemies. The Bald Eagle’s damage stat is an impressive 120, and it has an attack speed of 2. With a headshot damage multiplier of +250% and armor penetration of +75%, this pistol packs a punch. To obtain the Bald Eagle, you must play through the entire storyline of the Phantom Liberty DLC. Defeating Kurt Hansen in the final battle will grant you access to this powerful weapon.

Comrade’s Hammer

Comrade’s Hammer sets itself apart as one of the best pistols in Cyberpunk 2077 2.1 due to its specific type of attack. It is a single-shot weapon, making it suitable for players with highly developed accuracy. No other pistol in the game will offer higher damage numbers. Despite its limitation of only one shot, Comrade’s Hammer delivers explosive projectiles with additional electrical and chemical damage effects. Its attack speed is 1.67, and its damage stat is an impressive 442.02. To obtain this weapon, you need to have the Grease Monkey Perk and gather the necessary components from the leader in Suspected Organized Crime in Arroyo.


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While the pistols mentioned above are some of the best in Cyberpunk 2077, there are other notable handguns worth considering for your arsenal. Here are a few honorable mentions:

  • SLAUGHT-O-MATIC: This common pistol can be found throughout Night City and is an affordable option for new players. It has a clip size of 36 rounds and an attack speed of 3.05.
  • TAMAYURA: Tamayura is a classical power pistol with decent firepower. It can be obtained by killing Arsaka Agents and is suitable for players looking for a reliable sidearm.
  • M-10AF LEXINGTON: This high-speed automatic pistol is commonly dropped by enemies and is an excellent starting weapon for beginners. It has a clip size of 21 rounds and an attack speed of 5.36.
  • HJKE-11 YUKIMURA: The HJKE-11 YUKIMURA is a smart pistol with two firing modes: automatic shots and triple bursts when aiming down the sight. It can be obtained during the Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door quest.
  • M-76E OMAHA: The M-76E OMAHA is a compact pistol that can fire up to triple bursts on a full charge. It can be obtained from the Gun Vendor in Japan town and serves as the base weapon for the iconic LIZZIE.
  • NUE: The Nue, when paired with the XC-10 Strix Silencer, creates a formidable combination. This setup specializes in enhancing stealth damage. With the silencer attached, it provides a remarkable 150% boost to stealth damage. As a result, the Nue becomes a formidable tool for headshot-focused strategies, achieving headshot damage over 1200 points
  • JKE-X2 KENSHIN: The JKE-X2 KENSHIN is a Tech pistol that offers automatic shots as well as triple bursts. It can be obtained from Arasaka agents and serves as the base weapon for APPARITION and CHAOS.
  • KAPPA: KAPPA is a Smart pistol that fires self-guided projectiles. It can be purchased from various gun vendors and is known for its high firepower.
  • LIBERTY: LIBERTY is a Tech pistol with a high rate of fire and decent damage. It can be purchased from gun vendors and is a reliable choice for players looking for a versatile sidearm.

By considering these additional pistols, you can further customize your loadout to suit your playstyle and tackle any situation that arises in Night City. That wraps up the best pistols in the game. Keep it locked to We Game Daily for more on Cyberpunk 2077 2.1, including the best builds in 2.1.