how to go first person in ark survival ascended

Image source: Studio Wildcard

Getting the perfect angle.

As you’d imagine for a survival game, ARK Survival Ascended is ladened with lots of deep mechanics, from RPG progression systems related to crafting. Ironically, though, some of the easiest to actually do aren’t very well explained. That includes switching between first and third-person. This article explains how to go first person view in ARK Survival Ascended on PS5, Xbox, and PC.

Switching to First Person in ARK Survival Ascended on All Platforms

Let’s breakdown the process on each platform, as it obviously differs depending on which you’re playing.

First Person Switch on PC

Switching to first person is straightforward on a PC. All you need to do is scroll your mouse wheel. This action pans the camera back and forth, allowing you to seamlessly switch between first and third-person perspectives. To revert to the third-person, simply scroll the mouse wheel in the opposite direction.

First Person Switch on Xbox

For Xbox players wanting to go into first-person view in ARK, the process involves a few more steps. Press and hold the View button (sometimes known as the Back or Select button). This will open a radial menu. From there, move the right stick to select the option labeled “Toggle Third Person,” usually found in the bottom left of the menu. Release the View Button to activate the first-person view.

To switch back to third person, repeat the same steps and select the “Toggle Third Person” option again to revert to the third-person view.

First Person Switch on PlayStation

The design of the PS5 controller has introduced a slightly unusual step to get first-person on PlayStation. You’ll need to press the touch bar on your PS4 or PS5 controller to bring up the command menu. Then, look for “Toggle Third Person” in the menu. Select this option to switch to first person.

If the first attempt doesn’t work, try clicking R2 while selecting the option.

To switch back, just repeat the steps, selecting “Toggle Third Person” again to return to the third-person perspective.

So there you have it, learning how to go first person view in ARK Survival Ascended should enhance your gameplay by allowing you to switch perspectives based on your preference. Whether you’re exploring the open world’s dense forests, engaging in combat, or imprinting dinos, now you can do it from whatever camera angle you want.